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  1. Instructors are Donald R. and Diane M. Snow ( and ) of Provo, Utah and St. George, Utah.
  2. These notes with the active Internet links are posted on .  You can put an icon on your desktop to go to it immediately.
  3. Tip: holding down the Control Key while clicking on a link opens the link in a new window, so you don't lose your place where you were.
  4. Announcements
    1. FH Update classes - 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 1-2:30 PM, Morningside Stake Center, RS Room - next class will be on 4 Apr about Freeware for FH. 
    2. Register for an LDS account -- go to -- Same user name and password can be used at FS, nFS, FS Indexing, and ward and stake websites at .
    3. With an LDS account you can make a helpful 9-Generation Pedigree Fan Chart of your FS data -- -- Can generate fan charts for anyone in FS by going to , logging in with your LDS account, and entering their PID (their FS Personal Identifier number) in the box
    4. With an LDS account you can sign up for the new interface for Family Tree through FamilySearch
      1. Go to  and register there with your LDS account. This is in addition to registering for an LDS Account.
      2. Once registered you now see a new tab on  (Note the "s" after http and the www before FamilySearch) when you log in with your LDS account (upper right hand corner) -- new tab "Family Tree", next to the FS logo, takes you to the new interface for your data in nFS
      3. This Family Tree interface will be used by everyone by the end of 2012 and only the Summary data for each person in nFS  will be carried over, so if we get the Summary data for each person in nFS as correct as possible now, we won't have so much to change later after it's carried over.
    5. With your LDS Account you can sign up to help index the 1940 US Census -- Many stakes have set indexing goals (Morningside Stake has goal of indexing 600,000 records this calendar year - see Thermometer Charts on ward bulletin boards) -- Sign up at -- Link of how to find people in 1940 Census before the index is finished -- .
    6. LDS Tech conference next week on Thursday and Friday before General Conference at Riverton Church Office Building -- .
  5. Today's class is your chance to ask technology or family history questions; if we can't answer them, we may at least be able to point you in the right direction.  The questions below are to "prime the pump" and we can discuss these or any other questions you have.


  7. Where can I find a list of Affiliate Programs that the LDS FH Dept has approved and what they do?
  8. How do I attach an image to a source in a genealogy program?
  9. What genealogy programs have the feature that ... ?
  10. How do I use the British Civil Registration website Free BMD (Births, Marriages, and Deaths)?
  11. What does "3rd Cousin 2 times Removed" mean and how do I determine such relationships?


  13. How do I set a bookmark in a browser?
  14. How do I make an icon on the desktop to go to a file, folder, or website?
  15. Is there a program that allows me to store more than one item on the computer clipboard?
  16. What are some helpful Windows shortcuts?
  17. How can I name files so they are findable and yet descriptive of their contents?
  18. How do I set up Dropbox on different computers and how do I access it remotely?
  19. How do I use Xmarks so I can use all my browser bookmarks on any computer?
  20. What should I be doing to keep my computer running smoothly?


  22. How can I change the name of a file?
  23. What programs help with file copying and moving?  (Q-Dir)
  24. What programs are helpful to find and eliminate duplicate files, photos, etc.?
  25. What are some helpful file management techniques to use on my computer to move files to the correct folders, find lost files, rename files so they are easier to find, etc.?
  26. What does defragging my computer mean and how do I do it?
  27. What's taking up so much space on my computer?


  29. How do I register for an LDS account?
  30. How do I download and/or read the Ensign, Melchisedek Priesthood / Relief Society manuals, General Conference talks, etc., from the Church website?
  31. How do I use the LDS Church ward and stake websites? (Directories, photos, leadership lists, calendars)

  32. IMAGES

  33. How can I get FastStone Capture v 5.3 to capture a scrolling window?
  34. Is there a freeware program that will allow me to edit a pdf file so I can fill in a pdf form or annotate the text of a pdf file?
  35. How do I download photos from my camera?
  36. How can I OCR (Optical Character Recognition) a text file?
  37. What are the differences between image formats and which ones should I use?

  38. AUDIO

  39. How do I rip (copy) a CD to my hard drive?
  40. How can I record audio with my computer?
  41. How do I transfer cassette tapes to digital format on my computer?
  42. How can I edit an audio file?
  43. Is there a program that will convert my voice to text on the computer?


  45. Where can I get an email address that I can use anywhere and never have to change?
  46. How can I email attachments - photos, documents, slideshows, etc.?
  47. What is a good email program to use?


  49. Is there a good freeware programs to keep my notes in? (Evernote)
  50. What are some good freeware programs to do ... ?
  51. What freeware program does the same as ... (commercial program)?

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