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ABSTRACT: The Family History Guide is the free website  that is loaded with good and up-to-date information about family history.  It is completely free and has lessons, tutorials, classes, projects, links, and detailed information about most aspects of family history.  FamilySearch has announced that it is an approved training resource for them and there are links to it on FamilySearch.  It was formed and is operated by volunteers who could use donations of time or money, but there is no requirement for either to use it.  This class will discuss the website, what it contains, and how to use it.
The notes for this class and related articles, all with active Internet links, are on Don's website .


  1. Instructor is Donald R. Snow of St. George and Provo, Utah ( ).
  2. These notes, with active Internet links and other related articles, are posted on Don's website .
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  4. This class will discuss the free family history educational website The Family History Guide, what it contains, and how to use it.

  6. The FH Guide is a free website at  sponsored by The Family History Guide Association , a group of volunteers who can always use contributions of expertise or money, but neither are required for anyone to use the website 
  7. Languages: Note that you can select the language you want, e.g. English, Spanish, etc.
  8. It is free, even though its file extension is .com, which usually signals a commercial website; the first page says, "Your free learning, research, training, and activities center for family history."
  9. Contains a broad collection of introductory and advanced lessons, videos, projects, and training for family history and computer basics; includes genealogy research technizues, basics and advanced, for many countries of the world; also there is a free newsletter to you keep up to date.
  10. Their philosophy -- teach you what you want to learn - hence, you can skip the parts you already know or are not interested in

  12. Home page  has a good 6-minute introductory video:  Quick Tour  
  13. FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) -- has the answers to many questions about the site and gives a short overview of it 
  14. The  Get Started  icon (next to the Quick Tour icon) takes you to several questions asking what you want to do
  15. Links to more videos and articles further down on the home page 
  16. 16-minute BYU video on YouTube by Ann Tanner about The FH Guide -- 
  17. About  (below the Tour and  Get Started  icons) -- takes you to a long page with lists of projects, lessons, and FAQs
  18. Use the  SEARCH  button, if  you want information about a specific topic, e.g. there are over 700 articles on FamilySearch Family Tree on the site   
  19. Across the top of the Home page are the following icons with pull-down menus, each with up to 10-15 links:  Intro  FamilySearch  Ancestry  MyHeritage  FindMyPast  Trainers  Activities  Blog/Social  Faiths  Countries  Vault  Tracker  Misc 
  20. Click on The Family History Guide icon (upper left corner) to go back to the Home page from any other page  

  22. COMPUTER BASICS -- if you want a better understanding of how the computer works
  23. FAMILY HISTORY BASICS -- how to get started in genealogy, things to look for, what to do first, how to keep track of what you have found 
  24. FAMILYSEARCH FAMILY TREE -- how to sign in and use FamilySearch Family Tree
  25. COUNTRIES AND ETHNIC -- QUIKLinks for states and countries with data from several sources
  26. ABOUT THE PROJECTS -- for FamilySearch, Ancestry, MyHeritage, and FindMyPast    
  27. PROJECT RESOURCES -- information and links to documents, videos, etc.  
  28. DNA -- lessons and projects about DNA 
  29. TRAINER RESOURCES -- helpful for self-training and for helping others, includes Tracker sheets to keep track of what a person is learning and what to do next  
  30. MEDIA -- links and helps to videos and articles   
  31. VAULT -- major collection of miscellaneous helpful items  
  32. CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS -- special information for Church members doing family history
  33. MISC -- includes How to Contact them, What's New, Quotes, Videos in Spanish and other languages, and more  
  34. WHAT'S NEW -- list of what's been added and when 
  35. TOPICS -- alphabetical listings of topics discussed somewhere in The FH Guide   

  37. This is a very helpful and extensive website to learn about family history and genealogy . 
  38. Very helpful for trainers to answer questions and help other people learn  

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