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This page and more details are on Don's webpage
  1. Mobiles = smartphones and tablets; computers = desktops and laptops; apps = applications and programs; texts go over phone lines; emails go over internet  
  2. Church internet in all chapels in North America is LDSAccess with password Pioneer47      
  3. Church members get free Church account using membership number, birth date, and email address; same account works for FamilySearch and Indexing  
  4. Apps for mobiles are stripped-down versions of apps for computers

  5. CHURCH WEBSITES AND APPS TO START (Free - See Other Church Apps Below)
  6. -- still works -- contains Gospel Library, LDS Tools data, Church announcements, press releases, news, and much much more  
  7. LDS Tools -- install from app stores or from Church website; contains your current ward and stake membership data   
  8. Gospel Library -- install on mobiles from app stores and on computers from Church website -- ; contains scriptures, Come Follow Me manuals, handbooks, magazines, General Conferences, hymn book, notebooks, and more  

  10. Ward and stake directories in LDS Tools and website -- you and ward clerk can edit your info; can download directories with photos

  12. Basic installation includes Scriptures, Come Follow Me, current manuals, magazines, and conferences; full download has 2600 items; updated at least monthly for new magazines and General Conferences
  13. Install on mobiles from app stores
  14. Install on computers from Church website:  Scriptures and Study > Helpful Resources - Study Tools > Gospel Library App > Get It From Microsoft > Get It
  15. YouTube video tutorials --
  16. Excellent Helps for Gospel Library on website, NOT on mobile app; only Tips are on mobile app 
  17. Easy to study from for scriptures, Come Follow Me, General Conference talks, etc.
  18. Demos of using references, bookmarks, underlining, and tags
  19. Writing your thoughts and notes in a notebook; can use notebooks when preparing talks or classes  

  20. ADDITIONAL CHURCH WEBSITES AND APPS - More Details on Don's Website
  21. FamilySearch -- for family history 
  22. Get Tech Help In Your Calling --
  23. LDS Media Library -- lots more videos, conference talks, etc, than Gospel Library 
  24. LDS Music -- additional music books for Church and families  
  25. LDS Tech -- info on using technology in the Church     
  26. LDS View -- BYU/Church app for computers and mobiles; contains scriptures 
  27. WordCruncher-- BYU/Church app for computers and mobiles; contains scriptures and many other Church-related books and historical items   

  29. Church has produced very helpful apps to make it much easier to study
  30. Remember:  Start small with these and don't try to do everything at once.