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  1. Instructors are Donald R. and Diane M. Snow ( and ) of Provo, Utah and St. George, Utah.
  2. These notes with the links are posted on the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group website http://uvtagg.orgClass OutlinesDon's Listings  along with many other class notes for family history.  Tip: holding down the Control Key while clicking on a link opens the link in a new window while keeping the notes open where you were, so it's easier to get back to where you were
  3. FH Update classes - 1st and 3rd Wednesdays 1-2:30 PM, Morningside Stake Center, RS Room -- schedule is posted for Jan and Feb 2012 -- What are your questions for us for 04 Jan 2012?  Note change to 4th Wed in Feb.
  4. Don will give a short presentation on Sat 17 Dec 2011, 10 am on Erastus Snow's Life and Families from Their Personal Letters at Southern Utah Family History and Genealogy Group Meeting (SUFHGG), St. George East Stake Center, 449 South 300 East, St. George, Utah (across the street east of the St. George Temple)
  5. RootsTech 2012, 2-4 Feb, Salt Palace, SLC - sponsored by FamilySearch, BYU, and others -- 
  6. FH Expo, 24-25 Feb 2012, Dixie Center - Early Bird reg $39 through 12 Dec, then $59, and at the door $99 -- register at
  7. This class will discuss the affiliate genealogy management program Ancestral Quest and how it helps with new FamilySearch.


  9. To download click on AQ Basics -- includes both the free and full versions, so you can start with the free and convert to the full version later, if you like it -- Link to a comparison chart of features of free and full versions and PAF is at bottom of the download page
  10. Tutorials on website under Video Tutorial
    1. 18-minute Overview
    2. 90-minute Quick Start Tutorial -- 15 segments
    3. Features Dealing with nFS (at bottom of screen) > nFS and many other tutorials -- also linked through AQ itself under FamilySearch Menu
  11. Can keep data in PAF and use AQ to interact with nFS or change database to AQ format
  12. Demo of opening and saving a file as a PAF file -- File > Open (locate file and select) > Open; File > Backup > Yes for AQ, No for PAF


  14. Handout by Robert Gerber, Logan FHC missionary -- Robert Gerber's Handout on AQ
  15. Enable Temple Mode -- Tools > Preferences > FamilySearch > Enable FamilySearch Features
  16. FamilySearch Menu
  17. Link and Sync
    1. Link = AQ searches for a match on nFS -- allows combining duplicates
    2. Sync = allows exchange of information to or from nFS (has the boxes to select)
    3. Meaning of symbols
    4. How to Link an individual -- Tree Icon (by individual) > highlight choices in upper panel and mark as Same
    5. How to Sync an individual -- Click Sync button on Link page
    6. Can Link or Sync a group at a time, e. g. a family (use Parents/Siblings option or Spouses/Children option)
  18. How to keep track of what you have done in nFS
    1. Modify columns in Name List view to indicate what has been linked in nFS -- Adjust Columns and Sorting > General > Select columns you want -- Has FS PID column shows Linked or Sync'd
    2. FamilySearch Menu > Statistics shows how many are linked, etc.
    3. FamilySearch Menu > Check for Changes > Select a group > Start Checking -- tells you all changed nFS records since you sync'd those - can review and select updates for them
  19. Import family lines from nFS -- can extend lines or use if you have no data file
  20. With individual or family Syn'd you can view them in nFS


  22. Some of these features are only available in the full version 
  23. Collaboration -- see Collaborate Menu -- very helpful for several people to work on same database; Administrator has to invite who to work on it
  24. Search -- View > Links -- in Pedigree View it shows hits for Trees and Records on Ancestry for each person
  25. Dealing with sources
    1. Categories in Source List -- Edit > Source List - categories are in right panel
    2. Attaching an image to a source -- Source button > Select a source > Attach > browse to find image
    3. Merge Sources and Repositories -- Tools > Merge > Sources - select primary source and duplicate 
    4. Order notes or sources -- Notes/Sources button > highlight and move source with order arrow
  26. Search in Notes -- Search > Advanced Filter/Focus > Select All > Define > Notes > Contains
  27. Sort on any column in the Name List by clicking on heading
  28. Ditto options for entering data -- F8 dittos last thing typed into that field, F9 dittos down the record
  1. Watch the 18-minute Overview video about AQ and try out the free version.

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