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We normally record the main presentation and one or two classes at each of our monthly meetings for the benefit of members of the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group.

Members may either purchase or borrow copies of the DVDs listed on this page at our monthly meetings.  A single DVD may be purchased for $3.00

Borrowed or purchased copies may be picked up at Bruce Merrill’s home or be mailed for a nominal shipping and handling charge.

Contact Bruce Merrill at (801)802-7343 or via email at to borrow or purchase copies.

NEW: Selected videos are now available for viewing by current members who are logged in to the UVTAGG website.  You can view videos on-line using the links in the right hand column of the table below (if a video is available for viewing it will be marked with a  video-camera-symbol_318-40225  icon).

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ON-LINE VIEWING: The videos are hosted at YouTube.  LDS meetinghouse wifi systems typically prevent the viewing of YouTube videos.  Thus, if you wish to view or show a video in an LDS meetinghouse you will need to download it onto your computer beforehand.

CATEGORY KEY – As listed for each DVD in the Primary (Pri. Cat.) and Secondary (Sec. Cat.) Category columns found in the main table on this page.


Hardware and peripherals: Scanners, cameras, storage, GPS, PC, Mac


Inspire & Motivate


Internet Resources


FamilySearch & LDS Support & Resources, FH Consultants


Not categorized


Getting organized, preserving your records and objects


Research – Ethnic: Native American, African American, Hispanic, Asiatic, Polynesian


Research – Location: British, Irish, Germany, New England, Denmark, Scandinavian, US, Southern States, Midwest


Research – Record Types: Land, military, newspaper, church, civil, census, directories, court, tax records


Research Techniques: Planning, documenting sources, DNA, publishing, searching, using Libraries, copyright, using maps


Software: PAF, FTM, AQ, RM, Family Insight, Legacy, Reunion, backup, GEDCOM, PowerPoint, operating systems, virus and malware, scanning

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TitleSurnameFirst NameDateNumberCategoryCategory 2View Video
Fun with Relative FinderMelickRayanne7/9/2016425IRI
Seek and Ye Shall Find: Extraction of Pedigrees from Revenue Records of Punjab, India GillG. S.7/9/2016424RLRR
Finding the Kin Keepers - Women in Our FamiliesThomsenMarilyn6/11/2016423RTRR
Q&A:Get More From Technology: Help in Family HistoryAndereggCathy6/11/2016422LDSRT
Get More From Technology: Help in Family HistoryAndereggCathy6/11/2016421LDSRT
US Vital Records on the Internet -- Lesser Known SourcesCastilloLaurie5/14/2016420RRRT
Q&A Finding Elusive Records on FamilySearchKehrerRobert5/14/2016419FSRT
Finding Elusive Records on FamilySearchKehrerRobert5/14/2016418FSRT
Get Where You're Going With MapsCliffordKaren4/9/2016417RTRR
Technology for Locating Missing or Destroyed RecordsCliffordKaren4/9/2016416RTRR
Using DAR Research to Strengthen and Extend Your PedigreeThomsenMarilyn3/12/2016415RRRL
Grandma's Bullet Proof Vest: Why Your Children Need You To Do Family HistoryHovorkaJanet3/12/2016414IN
6 Steps to Choreograph Your Research Across the InternetHovorkaJanet3/12/2016413IRO
Helping Others Love Family History (Demonstration)SandbergMike2/13/2016412LDSI
Helping Others Love Family HistorySandbergMike2/13/2016411LDSI
Keep Your PC HealthyCastilloJerry1/9/2016410SH
Digitize Your Photos and MoviesWilsonRandy1/9/2016409SH
Family Search: What's In It For You, and, Can You HelpWilsonRandy1/9/2016408LDSIR
Use the US Census to Resolve Family History Research ProblemsEwellBarry11/14/2015407RRI
If Sherlock Homes Were A Family HistorianEwellBarry11/14/2015406RRI
Genealogy Wikis: A User's Guide10/10/2015405IRRR
Free, State-Provided Sources: Ready and Waiting Online 10/10/2015404IRRT
Finding Your Ancestors in LDS & non-LDS NewspapersCastilloLaurie9/12/2015403LDSRR
Locating the Records of Our LDS Missionary AncestorsCastilloLaurie9/12/2015402LDSIR
Where There's a Will, There's a Probate, US Probate RecordsTaylorBeth8/8/2015401RRRL
Facebook Your GenealogyMaxwellSue8/8/2015400IRRT
Q& A and More Freeware for Family HistorySnowDon8/8/2015399SIR
Q& A and More Freeware for Family HistoryWestoverLinda8/8/2015399SIR
The Best Things in Life Are Free: Freeware for Family HistorySnowDon8/8/2015398SIR
The Best Things in Life Are Free: Freeware for Family HistoryWestoverLinda8/8/2015398SIR
It's About TimeAckersonGinny7/11/2015397RTRR
Using Family History Guide to Jump Start Your GenealogyTaylorBob7/11/2015396IRLDS
Copyright Law for GenealogistsTannerJames7/11/2015395RTN
What! My Temple Reservations Have DisappearedThomsenMarilyn6/13/2015394LDSN
Using DNA in Family HistoryKlemetsonRick6/13/2015393RTIR
Q & A Finding the Living Amoung the Dead Using the InternetArchibaldAmy6/13/2015392IRRT
Finding the Living Among the Dead: Using the Internet to Find Your Living CousinsArchibaldAmy6/13/2015391IRRT
Ratchet Up Your Research with EvernoteMillerLiz5/9/2015390SO
Family Search Partner Site: American AncestorsCastilloLaurie5/9/2015389LDSIR
A Billion + Hidden Records on Family SearchRaymondRobert5/9/2015388LDSIR
A Genealogically Correct Family Search Family TreeRaymondRobert5/9/2015387LDSIR
Introduction to KinpointHeeschCarla4/11/2015386SLDS
Grandpa Did What? How to Write a Family History the Youth Will Want to ReadPackHeather4/11/2015385IRT
Have You Checked the Legal Resources?EhatStephen4/11/2015384RRRT
What You May Not Have Noticed About US Federal & State Censuses: Look AgainEhatStephen4/11/2015383RRRT
PERSI: New Periodical Index at Find My PastThomsenMarilyn3/14/2015382RRRT
Introducing the Sons of Utah Pioneers (SUP) LibraryFlickRoger3/14/2015381LDSRT
Q&A: The Hearts of the Children Shall TurnAshbyDevin3/14/2015380LDSI
The Hearts of the Children Shall TurnAshbyDevin3/14/2015379LDSI
Q & A: Family Search Partners SitesMaxwellSue2/21/2015378IRLDS
Q & A: Family Search Partners SitesCastilloLaurie2/21/2015378IRLDS
Q & A: Family Search Mobile AppsPowellTodd2/21/2015377LDSS
Family Search Mobile AppsPowellTodd2/21/2015376LDSS
Using LDS Membership Records Worldwide: A Gold Mine of InfoSnowLiz1/10/2015375RSRR
Q & A: Family Search Insider Tips & TricksBakerBen1/10/2015374LDSIR
Family Search Insider Tips & TricksBakerBen1/10/2015373LDSRT
Family Search Questions & AnswersMaxwellSue11/8/2014372LDSIR
Family Search Questions & AnswersHansenFin11/8/2014372LDSIR
Making a Case for Re-Proving Old WorkIvanyoPeg11/8/2014371RTIR
Adding A Visual Dimension to Your ResearchIvanyoPeg11/8/2014370RTS
Family Tree Certified Programs: TreeSeek, Record Seek, etc 10/11/2014369LDSIR
LDS Partner Web Sites: MyHeritageMaxwellSue10/11/2014368LDSIR
Treasures Found in Military RecordsMonsonSharon10/11/2014367RRRT
The Family Search Catalog: Key To The CollectionMonsonSharon10/11/2014366LDSIR
Online Newspapers: Tips & Comparisons of DatabasesThomsenMarilyn9/13/2014365RRIR
How to Max a Website: What Every Internet Researcher Needs To KnowCastilloLaurie9/13/2014364IRRT
Q&A: Presenting & Preserving Your Family HistorySnowDon9/13/2014363OS
Q&A: Presenting & Preserving Your Family HistoryWestoverLinda9/13/2014363OS
Presenting & Preserving Your Family History: You can't Take It With You, So How Do You Leave It?SnowDon9/13/2014362OS
Presenting & Preserving Your Family History: You can't Take It With You, So How Do You Leave It?WestoverLinda9/13/2014362OS
German Research on the Internet - At BYU FHLCastilloLaurie8/9/2014361RLIR
Online Cemetery Sites: More Than Just TombstonesMonsonSharon8/9/2014360RestrictedRestricted
Mac Users - Simple Tricks to Save Your TimeZimmermanJimmy8/9/2014359SH
Discovering Stories on Google BooksZimmermanJimmy8/9/2014358IRRT
LDS Partner Web Sites: Find My PastMaxwellSue7/12/2014357LDSIR
Getting the Most From Your DiscoveriesSmithJuliana7/12/2014356RTRR
Common Surnames: Finding Your SmithsSmithJuliana7/12/2014355RTIR
Online Helps for Family History and ConsultantsSnowDon6/14/2014354LDSRT
Online Helps for Family History and ConsultantsWestoverLinda6/14/2014354LDSRT
The Tired, The Poor, The Huddled Masses: US Immigration TaylorBeth6/14/2014353RRRL
Are You Your Own Brick Wall? Genealogy Common Mistakes & How to Overcome ThemTaylorBeth6/14/2014352RTRR
Last 50 Minutes of German Research: Online ResourcesCastilloLaurie5/10/2014351Retired Strategies for Effective SearchingMaxwellSue5/10/2014350ARTIR Strategies for Effective SearchingMaxwellSue5/10/2014350RTIR Ready, Set, Go! Here's What You Need to Know MaxwellSue5/10/2014349IRLDS
Using State Archives and Local Libraries OnlineDarbyLuana4/12/2014346RTIR
Can You Hear Me Now? Voice Recognition Software and GenealogyDarbyLuana4/12/2014347SN
Intro to LDS Partner Web SitesWisemanBeth Ann4/12/2014348LDSI
Using Puzzilla and Other Affiliated AppsThomsenMarilyn3/8/2014345LDSS
Family Newsletters: Where to StartHansenSuzanne3/8/2014344RTI
Family History with Heart: Digging Info Out of Distant RelativesHansenSuzanne3/8/2014343IN
Elections and IntroductionRufGerhard2/8/2014342
Making Your Trip to the Family History Center More ProductiveSnowdenRon1/11/2014341RTLDS
Evernote: Your Virtual Genealogy AssistantMaxwellSue1/11/2014340SO
Q & A: Discover the Future of the Family History Library and CentersLoosleDiane1/11/2014339LDSO
Discover the Future of the Family History Library and CentersLoosleDiane1/11/2014338LDSO
Q & A: Family Search Photos and StoriesCrossTim11/9/2013337LDSO
Are There Germans in Your Past?CastilloLaurie11/9/2013336RLRR
Presenting and Preserving Your Family History: You Can't Take it With YouSnowDon11/9/2013335OS
The Latest & Greatest in Family Search Photos &StoriesCrossTim11/9/2013334LDSO
Accessing and Using Roots Tech and Other Family History VideosRufGerhard10/12/2013333IRS
Mobile Device Apps (Cont)PetersenBret10/12/2013332SN
Q&A: A Fanciful Genealogy or Clues to the Past.CliffordKaren10/12/2013331RRRT
A Fanciful Genealogy or Clues to the Past.CliffordKaren10/12/2013330RRRT
Advanced AnimapThomsenMarilyn9/14/2013329SI
A Comparison: Ancestral Quest, Roots Magic and a Touch of LegacyWoodBud9/14/2013328SO
The shady Side of Your Family Tree Prisons, Criminal, Asylum and Other RecordsPetersenBret9/14/2013327RRRT
Making the Most of Your Mobile DevicesPetersenBret9/14/2013326SH
Zap the Grandma Gap: The Ten Best Ideas to Bridge the Generation GapHovorkaJanet8/10/2013323IO
Zap the Grandma Gap: Leave A Heritage Hands-on WorkshopHovorkaJanet8/10/2013324ILDS
A Genealogy Tour of the BYU Library Map CollectionGrapesRick8/10/2013325RTRR
Treasures in Your Own Backyard: Genealogy Resources in the BYU LibraryDahlinTerry7/13/2013321RTRR
Evernote: The Genealogist's WorkhorseSnowDon7/13/2013322SO
Techniques for Successful SearchesMannAlan6/8/2013317RTIR
English Research in the 21st CenturyMannAlan6/8/2013318RLRT
Genealogy and Law: How Law Helps You Understand RecordsEhatStephen6/8/2013319RRRT
Ward Family History Web Sites: A Unifying ToolMartinAbe6/8/2013320LDSIR
Writing Your Personal or Family HistoryNortonDon5/11/2013314OI
Organizing Your Genealogy and Family History FilesLassonRobert5/11/2013315OS
Protecting Your PCCastilloJerry5/11/2013316HS
Are You Ready Now That Family Search Family Tree Is Live?TannerJames4/13/2013311LDSO
Effectively Using the Cloud: Dropbox, Evernote, Skype, etc.TannerJames4/13/2013312IRO
Tips & Tricks for Searching Historical Records on Family SearchMaxwellSue4/13/2013313LDSO
Solving Difficult Family History ProblemsOuimetteDavid3/9/2013308RTRR
Family History in Bulk - More Bang For Your BuckWestoverLinda3/9/2013309RTIRvideo-camera-symbol_318-40225
Q & A: Solving Difficult Family History ProblemsOuimetteDavid3/9/2013310RTRR
Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black MormonsYoungMargaret2/9/2013305LDSRE
Record Seek - A New Tool to Add Sources to Family TreeThomsenMarilyn2/9/2013306RTLDS
Jump Starting Your English Research (PC & MAC)SnowdenRon2/9/2013307RLRT
The CHurch History Library's Online Presence DatabaseMorrellAlan1/12/2013303LDSIR
Introducing Family Tree PhotosWisemanBeth Ann1/12/2013304LDSO
Programs of the Center for Family History and Genealogy at BYUCrandellJill11/10/2012300IRRF
FamilySearch Family Tree Update #3KitchenMerlin11/10/2012301LDSIR
Creating Your Own Website with TNG (The Next Generation)LythgoeDarrin11/10/2012302SRT
Research Ties: An Online Research LogCrandellJill11/10/2012300AORT
Fifty Google Searches Every Genealogist Needs to KnowEwellBarry10/13/2012296IRRT
How to Discover Treasures in the Library, Archives & SocietiesEwellBarry10/13/2012297RTIR
State and Local Census and Census SubstitutesCastilloLaurie10/13/2012298RRIR
Family History Consultants Help People Change Their LivesBlakeJohn10/13/2012299LDSI
Genealogy Jeopardy: The Technology EditionMeyerinkKory9/8/2012293IIR
Evaluating Databases & Overcoming Their ErrorsMeyerinkKory9/8/2012294IRRR
Research, Collaboration & Learn on the GoMaxwellSue9/8/2012295HS
New Ways to Share and Interest Others in Family HistorySchuldtMarlo8/11/2012289OI
Easier Scanning for Better ResultsSchuldtMarlo8/11/2012290HS
Using US City DirectoriesThomsenMarilyn8/11/2012291RRRT
More Time in the CloudPetersenBret8/11/2012292SIR
New FamilySearch Family Tree, and What to Expect in The TransitionEricsonJim7/14/2012286LDSIR
The Other Federal Census RecordsCastilloLaurie7/14/2012287RRIR
Free Software to Organize Your Digital PhotosSchuldtMarlo7/14/2012288SO
Your Personal Genealogy Library: Family History Books OnlineSnowDon/Diane6/9/2012283IRRT
FastStone Capture and Q and ASnowDon/Diane6/9/2012284SIR
Family Search Family Tree #2KitchenMerlin6/9/2012285LDSRT
Provo City Center Temple Ground Breaking and Meeting OpeningNot Available for Distribution5/12/2012280
Are There Germans in Your Past? Web Resources to Help YouCastilloLaurie5/12/2012282RLIR
Finding All Your Relatives in the 1940 US Federal CensusEhatStephen4/14/2012276RRIR
Analyzing Census RecordsEhatStephen4/14/2012277RRIR
Are Your Ancestors Frozen in Time?Brisson-BankClaire4/14/2012278OH
Where Did That File Go? Understanding and Organizing FilesMaxwellSue4/14/2012279HO
Evernote & Other Free Transcription Helps for Docs & AudioSnowDon4/12/2012281SO
Increasing Productivity on NFS with Sharing TimeSchnakenburgAndrea3/10/2012273LDSS
Family Search Family TreeKitchenMerlin3/10/2012274LDSIR
Your Head in the Cloud: Your Feet on the GroundPetersenBret3/10/2012275IRO
Using Ancestry's Family TreesMaglebyKathy2/11/2012271IRRT
Using US CensusThomsenMarilyn2/11/2012272RRRT
The Changing Pace of Family History ResearchCliffordKaren1/14/2012266RTIR
Using Google MapsSnowdenRon1/14/2012267IRRT
Using Facebook as a Family History ToolEhatStephen1/14/2012268IRRT
Utah Research Beyond LDS RecordsCastilloLaurie1/14/2012269RRIR
The Perfect Social Media: Family History and GenealogyBrisson-BanksClaire11/12/2011263IRRT
Using Technology to Involve Youth in Family HistoryBrisson-BanksClaire11/12/2011264IRRT
Fold3 - Access to Government RecordsThomsenMarilyn11/12/2011265IRRR
Dead Men Do Tell TalesEvansLoretta10/8/2011259RRIR
Illustrating Your Family HistoryEvansLoretta10/8/2011260RTO
Data and the Nauvoo DatabankSnowDon10/8/2011261LDSIR
Tips and Tricks for Using on MAC or PCMagelbyCathy10/8/2011262IRRT
The Power of DNA in Unlocking Family RelationshipsPeregoUgo9/10/2011255RTIR
Q and A: The Power of DNA in Unlocking Family RelationshipsPeregoUgo9/10/2011256RTIR
Three Wikis: Family Search, Ancestry and WikipediaThomsenMarilyn9/10/2011257IRRT
More New Family Search Best Practices - Surviving in the TrenchesCastilloLaurie9/10/2011258LDSIR
New Family Search Best Practices - How to Survive in the TrenchesCastilloLaurie8/13/2011252LDSIR
Q & A: New Family Search Best Practices - How to Survive in the TrenchesCastilloLaurie8/13/2011253LDSIR
Beginning Genealogy: A Case StudyEngstromDon8/13/2011254RTIR
Family Search Products and FeaturesRencherDavid7/9/2011249LDSIR
Q & A: FamilySearch Products and FeaturesRencherDavid7/9/2011250IRRT
Research at BYU - the Other Family History LibraryCastilloLaurie7/9/2011251LDSIR
Forming and Analyzing a Database of Letters Using the Erastus Snow Family to IllustrateSnowDon/Diane6/11/2011245RTIR
Forming and Analyzing a Database of Letters - Q and ASnowDon/Diane6/11/2011246RTIR
Increasing Productivity on the new FamilySearch WebsiteSchnakenburgAndrea6/11/2011247SLDS
Get Help From Strangers by Publishing on the InternetKitchenMerlin6/11/2011248IRRT
Resources Available at the Riverton Family Search LibraryCurleySuzanne5/14/2011243LDSIR
Tips to Avoid Barking Up The Wrong Family TreePetersenBret5/14/2011244RTIR
Eating an Elephant One Bite At A TimeThomsenMarilyn4/9/2011240ORT
Getting Genealogy Clutter Under ControlThomsenMarilyn4/9/2011241ORT
Comparing Ancestral Quest, Legacy and Roots MagicGurtlerDebbie4/9/2011242SRT
Back-Door Research Breaks Through Brick WallsEhatStephen3/12/2011237RTO
Back-Door Research ExamplesEhatStephen3/12/2011238RTO
Strategies for Searching Ancestry.comMaxwellSue3/12/2011239IRRR
New Family Search - Future DirectionTannerRon2/12/2011234LDSRL
The Future of New Family Search - Q and ATannerRon2/12/2011235LDSRL
Techniques and Tools for Streamlining Your ResearchCastilloLaurie2/12/2011236RTO
Making a List and Checking It TwiceRenickBarbara1/8/2011231OIR
Scandinavian Research on the InternetMathewsRick1/8/2011232RLIR
Fun Ideas for Family History ConsultantsPetersenBret1/8/2011233LDSO
Introduction to WaypointingMechamTravis11/13/2010228LDSS
Using Google in Family HistoryMaxwellSue11/13/2010229RTIR
Preserving Your Family History Records DigitallyWrightGary10/9/2010224HS
Preserving Your Family History Records Digitally - Q and AWrightGary10/9/2010225HS
Family History Books OnlineSnowDon10/9/2010226I RLDS
Vital Records Indexes on the InternetCastilloLaurie10/9/2010227IRRR
Connecting New Family Search Ancestors with Original RecordsRyskampGeorge9/11/2010221LDSRT
New Family Search and Original Records - Q and ARyskampGeorge9/11/2010222LDSRT
Using Multimedia with PAFPetersenBret9/11/2010223SLDS
Answers to World-Wide Research Problems Using FamilySearch Wiki and ForumstWahlquistKara8/14/2010217LDSRR
FamilySearch Wiki and Forums Q & AWahlquistKara8/14/2010218LDSRR
Keeping Your PC Healthy - Jerry CastilloCastilloJerry8/14/2010219S
Using Ancestral Quest to Modify New FamilySearchKitchenMerlin8/14/2010220S
Are You My Mother? - Finding Maiden NamesPetersenBret7/10/2010214RT
Cemetery Symbolism in StonePetersenBret7/10/2010215RRRT
Military Research on the InternetCastilloLaurie7/10/2010216RRRT
How to Light a Fire Under Your WardSchnakenburgAndrea6/12/2010210LDSI
Family Insight: Separating Incorrectly Combined IndividualsSchnakenburgAndrea6/12/2010211SLDS
The Basics of Photoshop ElementsEwellBarry6/12/2010212S
MAC or PC: The Best of Both WorldsHudginsLarry6/12/2010213S
Freeware and Shareware for Family HistorySnowDon/Diane5/8/2010207S
Freeware and Shareware for Family History Q & ASnowDon/Diane5/8/2010208S
Hardware and Software Q & ACastilloJerry5/8/2010209HS
Family Search's Extended Tree and Q and ACrossTim4/10/2010204LDS
Internet Tools for Locating and Using NewspapersCastilloLaurie4/10/2010205RRRT
Family Insight: NewFamilySearch Sync and Ordinance PrepSchnakenburgAndrea4/10/2010206SLDS
How to Effectively Conduct Family History Research on the InternetEwellBarry3/13/2010200RTIR
How to Be A Better GenealogistEwellBarry3/13/2010201RT
Solving Problems in New Family SearchScottGeorge3/13/2010202LDS
Decluttering Your Family History ClosetHansenRalph3/13/2010203O
Building Strong Relationships Between Priesthood Leaders and Family History WorkersJohnsonArt2/13/2010197LDS
Getting to Know New FamilySearch #4ScottGeorge2/13/2010198LDS
Genealogy on Your MACParryVenita2/13/2010199S
Comparing New FamilySearch Certified SoftwareHovorkaJanet1/9/2010193LDSS
Will Your Family History Work Survive the Digital Age?HovorkaJanet1/9/2010194HS
Getting to Know New FamilySearch #3ScottGeorge1/9/2010195LDS
Genealogy on Your MAC - Set Up and Enter Data in ReunionParryVenita1/9/2010196S
Easier ScanningSchuldtMarlo11/14/2009189H
Scanning Q & ASchuldtMarlo11/14/2009190H
Getting to Know New FamilySearch #2ScottGeorge11/14/2009191LDS
Photo Editing and Multimedia on the MACParryVenita11/14/2009192S
The Genealogy Game showRaymondRobert10/10/2009186RT
Getting to Know New FamilySearch #1ScottGeorge10/10/2009187LDS
Genealogy on Your Mac, SourcesParryVenita10/10/2009188S
If you get Stuck Going Backward - Go Forward: Tracing Descendants of Your AncestorsCowenCrista9/12/2009183RTIR
Facebook and GoogleCowenCrista9/12/2009184RTIR
Using A Digital Camera To Copy RecordsHillMary E. V.8/8/2009180H
How to Teach New FamilySearch to MembersCastilloLaurie8/8/2009181LDS
Google for Family HistoryMaxwellSue8/8/2009182RTIR
FamilySearch Support for Family History ConsultantsMcIntoshLance7/11/2009178LDS
What's Coming with New FamilySearch and The Family Tree ProjectTannerRon7/11/2009179LDS
Genealogy in 2020SharbroughBeau6/13/2009175RT
Medieval GenealogyCheneyBrigham6/13/2009176LDSRT
Workshop: Organizing Your Family History System (continued)ZamoraRenee6/13/2009177O
Workshop: Organizing Your Family History System (continued)HansenRalph6/13/2009177O
Finding Grandma Through the London Family History CenterSnowDon/Diane5/9/2009171RTLDS
Finding Grandma Through the London Family History CenterWestoverLinda5/9/2009171RTLDS
Finding Grandma Q and ASnowDon/Diane5/9/2009172RTLDS
Finding Grandma Q and AWestoverLinda5/9/2009172RTLDS
Organizing Your Family History System - Workshop part 2WisemanBeth Ann5/9/2009173O
Discussion: Genealogy Software For the MacMcKinneyJohn5/9/2009174SH
Exciting Discoveries in the BYU Special Collections LibraryFlickRoger4/11/2009169RT
Organizing Your Family History System: Workshop Part 1WisemanBeth Ann4/11/2009170O
The New Search at Ancestry.comHuletKendall3/14/2009167IR
The Value of the Pedigree Resource FileBlakeJohn3/14/2009168LDS
Avoiding Pitfalls in Your ResearchGehringJake2/14/2009165RT
Using LDS Family History CDsAndrusPat2/14/2009166LDS
FamilySearch Wiki: How It Can Help Now and How It Will Grow This YearRitcheyMichael1/10/2009162LDS
FamilySearch Wiki - Q & ARitcheyMichael1/10/2009163LDS
Keeping Your PC HealthyCastilloJerry1/10/2009164S
Using WorldConnect at RootsWeb to Publish and BackupRufGerhard11/8/2008159IRRT
Using Google in GenealogySowardLila11/8/2008160RTIR
Free Look-Ups and Free Web SitesCastilloLaurie11/8/2008161IRRT
A Practical Guide For Family History ConsultantsRichleyPat (Dear Myrtle)10/11/2008156LDS
Family PursuitMartineauMichael10/11/2008157S
A Record Search OverviewCrabbTim9/13/2008153LDSIR
LDS DatabasesAndrusPat9/13/2008154LDSIR
Roots Magic 3 - MultimediaMaxwellSue9/13/2008155S
Family History Research at BYU - The OTHER Family History LibraryCastilloLaurie8/9/2008151RT
Danish Research on WebStevensSherry8/9/2008152RL
Digital Photography in Family HistorySchuldtMarlo7/12/2008148H
Using Subscription Services at Your Family History CenterMaxwellSue7/12/2008149LDSIR
Exploring Legacy 7GrahamJoel7/12/2008150S
Self-Publish the Easy and Free WayMisbachMatt6/14/2008144RTIR
Documenting Sources in PAF and New FamilySearchDudleyDuane6/14/2008145RTLDS
Using Footnote and other Programs in Family History CentersRaymondRobert6/14/2008146LDSIR
Tips for Getting UnstuckCastilloLaurie6/14/2008147RT
new FamilySearch Synchronization with Ancestral Quest, Family Insight (1 of 2)FindlayGaylon5/10/2008142LDSS
new FamilySearch Synchronization with Ancestral Quest, Family Insight (1 of 2)VilburnJohn5/10/2008142LDSS
new FamilySearch Synchronization with RootsMagic - Q & A session (2 of 2)BuzbeeBruce5/10/2008143LDSS
Blessings of Knowing My Native American AncestorsEchoHawkLarry4/12/2008140IRE
Managing PHPGedview Web Site #4FinlayJohn4/12/2008141SRT
The Future of Family History CentersAndersonDon3/8/2008137LDS
The Future of Family History Centers - Q & AAndersonDon3/8/2008138LDS
Administering PHPGedview Web Site #3FinlayJohn3/8/2008139SRT
FamilySearch Web Services and 3rd Party ProductsClarkeGordon2/9/2008135LDSS
Digital Photography for GenealogistsEwellBarry1/12/2008132H
Installing and Configuring a PHPGedview WebsiteFinlayJohn1/12/2008133SRT
FamilySearch indexing and Record SearchDudleyDuane1/12/2008134LDSIR
Family History Library Internet FavoritesDiltsDavid11/10/2007129S
Sharing Your Genealogy Using PhpGedViewFinlayJohn10/13/2007127SRT - Unique Content for Documenting Your Family TreeKempThomas9/9/2007124IRRR
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