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Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
9 Jan Randy Wilson What’s In It For You, and How Can You Help
13 Feb Mike Sandberg Helping Others Love Family History
12 Mar Janet Hovorka Janet Hovorka 6 Steps to Choreograph Your Research Across the Internet
9 Apr Karen Clifford Karen Clifford Technology for Locating Missing or Destroyed Records
14 May Robert Kehrer Finding Elusive Records on FamilySearch
11 Jun Cathy Anderegg Get More From Technology Help in Family History
9 Jul Gurcharan Gill Seek and Ye Shall Find: Extraction of Pedigrees from Revenue Records of Punjab, India
 13 Aug Dallan Quass Dallan Quass RootsCity: A Better Way to Build Your Family Tree Online
10 Sep Jay and Sylvia Newitt Jay and Sylvia Newitt From Tabernacle to Temple, gospel principles learned while re-purposing a historic, fire destroyed, tabernacle into a modern temple
8 Oct D. Michale Hansen D. Michale Hansen Family Search Book Scanning
12 Nov
Dec No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
10 Jan Ben Baker Ben Baker FamilySearch Insider Tips and Tricks
21 Feb Todd Powell Todd Powell FamilySearch Mobile Applications
14 Mar Devin Ashby  “Devin The Hearts of the Children Shall Turn
11 Apr  Stephen Ehat What You may not have Noticed About The Census Records:  Look Again!
9 May Robert Raymond Robert Raymond A Genealogically Correct FamilySearch Family Tree
13 Jun Amy Archibald Amy Archibald Finding the Living among the Dead: Using the Internet to Find Your Living Cousins
11 Jul James Tanner James Tanner Copyright Law for Genealogists
8 Aug Don Snow Don Snow
Linda Westover
Linda Westover
The Best Things in Life Are Free: Freeware for Family History
12 Sep Laurie Castillo Laurie Castillo Locating the Records of Our LDS Missionary Ancestors
10 Oct Kory Meyerink Kory Mererink Genealogy Wikis: A User’s Guide
14 Nov Barry Ewell Barry Ewell Sherlock Holmes
Dec No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
11 Jan Agenda loosleDiane Diane C. Loosle  Discover the future of the Family History Library & Centers
8 Feb Agenda Dennis Brimhall and Dee Drummond  Thursday’s Keynote Address from RootsTech 2014
8 Mar Agenda  Suzanne HansenSuzzaneHansen Family History with Heart
12 Apr Agenda ldarby Luana Darby Using State Archives and Local Libraries Online
10 May Agenda Sue Maxwell suemaxwell Ready, Set, Go! Here’s What You Need to Know    Handout in PDF    Presentation in PDF
14 Jun Agenda Beth_TaylorBeth Taylor  Are You Your Own Brick Wall? Common Genealogy Mistakes and How to Overcome Them    Handout in PDF    Presentation in PDF
12 Jul Agenda Juliana Smith SmithJuila Common Surnames: Finding Your SmithHandout in PDF   Presentation in PDF
9 Aug
JimmyZimmerman Jimmy Zimmerman Discovering Stories on Google Books
13 Sep Agenda Don Snow Don Snow
Linda Westover Linda Westover
Presenting and Preserving Your Family History:  You Can’t Take It With You, So How Do You Leave it?
11 Oct Sharon Monson sharonmonson The FamilySearch Catalog: The Key to the Collection
8 Nov IvanyoPeggy Peg Ivanyo Adding a Visual Dimension to your Research
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
12 Jan Agenda Alan Morrell  The Church History Library’s Online Presence and Databases
9 Feb Agenda Margaret Young    Nobody Knows: The Untold Story of Black Mormons
9 Mar Agenda David Ouimette  Solving Difficult Family History Problems   Presentation Notes in pdf
13 Apr Agenda James L. Tanner  Are You Ready Now That FamilySearch Family Tree Is Live? PDF
11 May Agenda Don Norton  Writing A Personal or Family HistoryHandout in pdf, E-Book in pdf
8Jun Agenda Alan Mann Alan_Mann Techniques for Successful Searching PDF
13 Jul Agenda Terry Dahlin Terry Dahlin-Official Photo-2013-06-14  TREASURES IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD:  GENEALOGY RESOURCES IN THE BYU LIBRARY
10 Aug
Janet Hovorka  Zap the Grandma Gap: The Ten Best Ideas to Bridge the Generation Gap
14 Sep Agenda Bret Petersen Bret_Petersen Making the Most of Your Mobile Devices handout in PDF
12 Oct Agenda Karen Clifford  A Fanciful Genealogy or Clues to the Past
9 Nov Agenda Tim Crosstimcross The Latest and Greatest in FamilySearch Photos and Stories
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
14 Jan Karen Clifford  The Changing Pace of Family History Research
11 Feb  Randy Bryson FamilySearch Scanning – The Story of Opening the Granite Mountain Records Vault
10 Mar Andrea Schnakenburg  Increasing Productivity on the new FamilySearch Website using SharingTime
14 Apr  Stephen Kent Ehat Find All Your Relatives in the 1940 U.S. Federal Census
12 May Broadcast of Provo City Center Temple Groundbreaking
9 Jun  Don and Diane Snow Your Personal Genealogy Library: Family History Books Online
14 Jul Jim Ericson  New FamilySearch Family Tree,  and What To Expect in the Transition
11 Aug
 Marlo Schuldt New Ways to Share and Interest Others in Family History
8 Sep Kory Meyerink  GENEALOGY JEOPARDY: The Technology EditionPresentation Notes in pdf Class handout – Evaluating Databases and Overcoming Their Errors – in pdf
13 Oct  Barry Ewell 50 Google Searches Every Genealogist Needs to Know
10 Nov Jill Crandell  Resources of the Center for Family History and Genealogy at BYU
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
8 Jan  Barbara Renick ePublishing
12 Feb Ron Tanner  The Future of New FamilySearch
12 Mar  Stephen Kent Ehat Back-Door Research Breaks Through Brick Walls Handout in pdf
9 Apr  Marilyn Thomsen   Eating An Elephant One Bite At a TimeHandout in pdf
14 May  Suzanne Curley  The Riverton FamilySearch Library
11 Jun  Don and Diane Snow  Forming and Analyzing A Database of Letters  Using the Erastus Snow Family to Illustrate      Presentation Notes in pdf
9 Jul  David Rencher FamilySearch Products and FeaturesHandout in pdf
13 Aug
Laurie Castillo   New FamilySearch Best Practices – Surviving in the Trenches  Handout in pdf
10 Sep  Dr. Ugo A. Perego The Power of DNA in Unlocking Family Relationships
8 Oct Loretta Evans   Dead Men Do Tell Tales
12 Nov   Claire Brisson-Banks The Perfect Social Media: Family History & Genealogy
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
9 Jan Janet Hovorka Comparing new FamilySearch Certified Software Handout in pdf & Presentation in pdf
13Feb Art Johnson Building Strong Relationships between Priesthood Leaders  and Family History Workers  Presentation in pdf
13 Mar Barry J. Ewell  How to Effectively Conduct Genealogy Research on the InternetPresentation in pdf
10 Apr Tim Cross FamilySearch’s Extended Tree
8 May Don and Dianne Snow Freeware and Shareware for Family HistoryHandout in pdf
12 Jun Andrea Schnakenburg How to Light a Fire Under Your WardHandout in pdfMeeting Minutes in pdf
10 Jul  Bret Petersen Are You My Mother? – Finding Maiden Names In Your TreeHandout in pdf
14 Aug
 Kara Wahlquist Answers to World-Wide Research Problems Using FamilySearch Wiki and Forums
11 Sep George Ryskamp   Connecting New FamilySearch Ancestors to Original Records Handout in pdf
9 Oct  Gary T. Wright Preserving Your Family History Records DigitallyPresentation Slides in pdf Handout in pdf
13 Nov Travis Mecham Introduction to Waypointing
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
10 Jan Michael Ritchey FamilySearchWiki: Now and in the Future
14 Feb Jake Gehring Avoiding Pitfalls in Your Research
14 Mar Marcy Brown Welcome to Roots Television
11 Apr Roger Flick Exciting Discoveries in the BYU Special Collections LibraryPresentation in PDF, Handout #1 in PDF, Handout #2 in PDF
9 May Don and Diane Snow Finding Grandma Through the London Family History Centre
13 Jun Beau Sharbrough Genealogy in 2020Handout in PDFSpreadsheet file
11 Jul Lance McIntosh FamilySearch Support
8 Aug
Mary E. V. Hill Using a Digital Camera to Copy RecordsHandout in PDF
12 Sep Crista Cowan If You Get Stuck Going Backward ­ GoForward: Tracing Descendants of Your Ancestors     Handout in PDF
10 Oct Robert Raymond The Genealogy Game Show. Handout in PDF, Presentation in PDF
14 Nov Marlo Schuldt
Easier Scanning – An Art and Science
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
12 Jan Barry J. Ewell Digital Photography for Genealogists

9 Feb Gordon Clarke FamilySearch Web Service and 3rd Party Products
9 Mar Don Anderson The Future of Family History Centers
13 Apr  Larry EchoHawk “Spiritual Blessings From Knowing My Native American Ancestors”
11 May Gaylon Findlay, Bruce Buzbee, John Vilburn New FamilySearch Synchronization options with Ancestral Quest / RootsMagic / FamilyInsight
14 Jun  Matt Misbach Self Publish the Easy and Free WayHandout in pdf
13 Jul Marlo Schuldt Digital Photography in Family History
9 Aug  Laurie Castillo Family History Research at BYU: The OTHER Family History LibraryHandouts – Outline / Using Interlibrary Loan in pdf
13 Sep Tim Crabb A RecordSearch Overview
11 Oct DearMYRTLE A Practical Guide for Family History Consultants
8 Nov Gerhard Ruf  Using Worldconnect at Rootsweb for Publishing and Backup
Dec No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
13 Jan
Troy Adair
BYGONES: A Freeware Genealogy Notes Program — Handout PDF  
10 Feb  Sacha Masek- from the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
Discovering Lost and Hidden Relationships: The Use of DNA for Genealogical Research
10 Mar  D. Merrill White Family History Consultant Training
14 Apr
  Harvey & Susan Easton -Black
A New Property Database & Information About Early LDS Members In Nauvoo & Iowa
12 May Yvette Arts, Whitney Ransom, & Jason McGowan and Social Networking in the Genealogy and Family History Space
9 Jun Justin Schroepfer. Introduction to, an online history research library.
14 Jul     Beau Sharbrough Your genealogy in your pocket : PDAsPdf of powerpoint presentation
11 Aug
Jay G. Burrup        A brief introduction to LDS Record Sources at the Church History Library
8 Sep Thomas J. Kemp GenealogyBank – Unique Content for Documenting Your Family Tree  Handout in PDF
13 Oct John Finlay Share Your Genealogy and Collaborate with Relatives Online Using PhpGedView
10 Nov  G. David Dilts  Family History Library Internet Favorites Download file
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
14 Jan
Brad Christensen
The Future of Managing Your Genealogy Online
11 Feb Laryn Brown Using the Internet for Scottish Research
11 Mar Holly Hansen Building a Fantastic Personal Map Collection Handout PDF
8 Apr  DearMYRTLE Getting from the Index to the Original
13 May Dallan Quass  Using Wiki’s for Genealogical Research  Handout PDF
10 Jun Mary E. V. Hill DeedMapper: Reconstruct Your Ancestor’s Land Handout PDF
8 Jul Michael Ritchey  New Collaborative FamilySearch Tools for Research Advice 
12 Aug
Two Class Periods
9 Sep  Val Jones  Video and Audio Preservation and Migration     
14 Oct   Kip Sperry  What’s New in Family History at BYU?  
11 Nov  Bruce Buzbee Family Atlas
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
8 Jan
Roger C. Flick 
Your Home Library Just Got Bigger Web version of his PowerPoint Presentation
12 Feb Two Class Periods
12 Mar  Apryl and Bill Cox  Sharing Your Family History Using PowerPoint 
9 Apr  Carl Johnson   Copyright, The Internet &  Family History PDF version of his Powerpoint Presentation Pre-submitted question handout
14 May   Marlo Schuldt  Telling Stories Interactively 
11 Jun Lloya Hall  Building an Exciting Ward Family History Program Handout Family History Self-Guided Tour with pdf bookmarks Family History Self-Guided Tour  w/o bookmarks   
9 Jul   David Ouimette  Irish Family History Web Sites  Handouts in pdf  
13 Aug
 Stephen Valentine FamilySearch Indexing  
10 Sep  John Blake Organizing Your Family History RecordsOutline in pdf or the pdf version of his Powerpoint Presentation
8 Oct Bruce Buzbee & Mike Booth RootsMagic 3 and Personal Historian
12 Nov  Don & Diane Snow Working with Large Databases : The Early LDS Members Database
No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
10 Jan Don and Vivian Ostler  Research and Service Opportunities at the Family History Library 
14 Feb Paul Starkey  The Internet IGI 
13 Mar John Vilburn  Searching the Internet IGI with PAF Insight 
10 Apr   Ken Head  Land Records and GPS (Global Positioning System) Handouts in pdf   
8 May  Bret Petersen  GenSmarts, Your Genealogy Adviser 
12 Jun   Beau Sharbrough  Making the Most of Digital Photography   
10 Jul  Howard Bybee   BYU LIBRARY: Catalog & Digital Genealogy Resources Handout in pdf   
14 Aug
Don Norton  Writing A Personal or Family History 
11 Sep Alan Mann   Publishing a Family History Online or on CD   Handout in pdf   
9 Oct Jeremy Robertson, Joseph Cooper   Update on Digital Roots  Handout in pdf   
13 Nov  Geoff Rasmussen  Timelines and Chronologies   Handout in pdf   
Dec No Meeting


Presenter(s) Topic/Title
11 Jan
LaKay Ashcroft The PAF and FamilySearch Support Teams Handout #1: in PDF Handout #2: in PDF 
8 Feb
David Rencher Family History Developments in the LDS Church 
8 Mar
Alan Mann  Documentation and Evidence: What Am I Supposed to Document? Handout  in PDF 
12 Apr
  Bruce Buzbee  RootsMagic and Place Finder 
10 May
Marie Taylor Census Indexes on the Internet: Where to Find ‘Em and How to Use ‘Em Handout: in PDF 
14 Jun
Mike Provard  Basic Internet Resources for Family History Research Handout in PDF  or See Slide Show Presentation 
12 Jul
 Jon and Jefferson Shupe Sharing and Preserving Your Family History with FamilyHistoryCD
9 Aug
 Bret Petersen Web Technology: Where is it taking us? Handout: in PDF
13 Sep
  Donald R. Snow
LDS and Utah Records 
11 Oct
 Gerhard Ruf 
 Getting the Most out of Handout:  in PDF    
8 Nov
Geoff Rasmussen  Message Boards and Effective Queries Handout: in PDF
No Meeting  


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
12 Jan Geoff Rasmussen AniMap and other Locality-Finding Aids
9 Feb Thomas McGill The LDS Extraction Program
9 Mar Andy Wold Utah GenWeb
13 Apr Alan V. Eaton Connecting Humanity
11 May David Ouimette The 1930 US Census
8 Jun Bob Booth Working with Digital Photos
13 Jul Bruce Buzbee Family Reunion Planning
10 Aug Don Snow Cleaning Up Your PAF Database 
14 Sep Steve Lemmon Bringing Family History to Life Using Multimedia – Today’s Cool Tools
12 Oct Raymond Wright The Center for Family History and Genealogy at BYU and its Immigrant Ancestors Database Project 
9 Nov Randy Bryson FamilySearch Internet – What You Can Do at Home


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
13 Jan Jay Markham Scanning Techniques
10 Feb David Crowther Features of PAF 5.0
10 Mar Randy Bryson The LDS Church, Family History and Technology
14 Apr Laurie Castillo Research Starting with Next to Nothing
12 May Rex Peterson TempleReady© for Windows 
9 Jun Dennis L. Meldrum PAF Companion 5 and Pedigree Resource Files 
14 Jul Irene Johnson What’s New at the Family History Library
11 Aug Ray Madsen 1880 US Census on CD 
8 Sep Mary Hill Organizing Your Paper Files In a Computer Day and Age
13 Oct Two Class Periods
10 Nov Jake Gehring Message Boards
Dec No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
8 Jan Diane Dieterle Notekeeping, Filing and Organizing Your Genealogical Information
12 Feb Don and Diane Snow What’s Happening with Family History in New York City
11 Mar Gaylon Findlay The New Ancestral Quest 3.0 and Its Relationship to PAF 4.0
8 Apr Dr. Scott Woodward Genealogy of the World: A Molecular Approach
13 May Karen Clifford How Your Computer Can Aid in Your Family History Research; With Case Studies From the Carolinas
10 Jun Steve Cannon Lesser-known Features in PAF 4
8 Jul Geoffrey Rasmussen Legacy, Version 3.0
12 Aug Diena Simmons Ancestors: The PBS Series from KBYU-TV
9 Sep Two Class Periods
14 Oct Alan Mann Getting The Most Out Of FamilySearch© Internet
11 Nov Steve Fox The Family History Library Catalog: On CD and the Internet
Dec No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
9 Jan Jake Gehring New Features at
13 Feb Dr. Jeff Cold Publishing Your Family History Data on the Internet
13 Mar Don Long “Which Program Is Right For Me
10 Apr Gerhard Ruf Protecting Yourself From Computer Viruses
8 May Wade Starks The LDS Church Web Site
12 Jun Laurie Castillo “You Mean Aunt Maude Didn’t Really Get It All Done?”
10 Jul Merlin Kitchen PAF 4.0 Is Here
14 Aug Bruce Buzbee Family Origins, Version 8 and
11 Sep Don Long The Latest in Family History CDs
9 Oct Two Class Periods
13 Nov Geoffrey D. Rasmussen Computer Resources at the Utah Valley Regional Family History Center


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
10 Jan Two Class Periods
14 Feb Jake Gehring What’s New in Electronic Genealogy
14 Mar Dr. Evan Ivie The Ancestral Pioneer Path Project of the Utah Sesquicentennial
11 Apr Two Class Periods
9 May Dr. Roy B. Bennion How Genealogy and Technology Have Evolved 
13 Jun Jay Markham Legacy 2.0
11 Jul Mike St.Clair GENTECH99 Conference
8 Aug Norton Chaston Utility and other Programs that work with PAF 3.0
12 Sep Steve Cannon PAF Companion and Family Records Utility (FRU)
10 Oct Gaylon Findlay Ancestral Quest 3.0
14 Nov Bruce Buzbee Family Origins
Dec No December Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
11 Jan Diana Williams and Jane Wilson KBYU Ancestors Program
8 Feb Cloverne Allred The New Card System Family File at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple
8 Mar Frank & Cindy Carmen and Mike Andrew Kindred Connections Program & Database
12 Apr   Two Class Periods
10 May Jay Markham Family Reunions and Computers
14 Jun Mike St.Clair and Ralph Hansen Introduction to PAF 3.0
12 Jul Craig Alder Scanning Pictures Into Your Computer
9 Aug Joan Lowrey PAF 3.0 Features
13 Sep Dr. V. Jay Liechty Setting Up a Family History Organization with Tax Exempt Status
11 Oct Two Class Periods
8 Nov Donald R. Snow Doing Family History Electronically
Dec No Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
13 Jan Jay P. Markham Bill Gates at Comdex95
10 Feb Carlos Packard Folio Ancestry Books
9 Mar Gerhard Ruf Genealogy on the Internet
13 Apr Phyllis Lykes The New Macintosh PAF Version 2.31
11 May Two Class Periods
8 Jun Mike St.Clair Chandler Utilities for PAF
13 Jul Richard Soares and Rick Graves Electronic Cartographic Resources for Family History
10 Aug John Whitaker Responsible Use of Computers in Genealogy
14 Sep Diane Parkinson Resources at the Utah Valley Regional Family History Center at BYU
12 Oct Meeting cancelled due to Utah Genealogical Conference
9 Nov Don Snow, Jay Markham, Gerhard Ruf Panel Discussion: AncestralFile, IGI, GEDCOM
Dec No December meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
14 Jan Two Class Periods
11 Feb Vance Parker PAF Notes in Windows
11 Mar Prof. Don Norton Writing Personal and Family Histories
8 Apr Two Class Periods
13 May Mary Lou Harline What’s New in the Silicon Valley PAF Users Group?
10 Jun Stephen Robinson TempleReady Ins and Outs
8 Jul Lincoln Fuqua Connecting Homes and Businesses with Optical Fiber
12 Aug Two Class Periods
9 Sep Don Snow Genealogy and the Internet: e-Mail and Roots-L
14 Oct Susan Easton-Black The Joy of LDS Research
11 Nov Jay P. Markham What’s in the IGI Now
Dec No December meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
15 Jan Jay P. Markham PAF 2.3 Release Information
19 Feb Two Class Periods
19 Mar Charles Abercrombie Pedigree Pursuit
16 Apr Jay Markham, Don Snow and Gerhard Ruf Current Genealogical Software
14 May Neil Wagstaff About Computer Memory Management
11 Jun John Lillie Overview of Notetool, and Letter, Resource, and Census Links Programs for Family History
9 Jul Two Class Periods
13 Aug    
10 Sep George Durrant  
8 Oct Mike Andrews WWF Research Archives and Information Super Highway, phase 1
12 Nov Curt Fawson and Rob Allen Scanning and Editing
10 Dec No December Meeting


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
16 Jan Marcy Brown KBYU-TV Ancestor’s Program
20 Feb Two Class Periods
20 Mar Two Class Periods
17 Apr Don Snow Genealogical Auxilliary Programs: IGI255, Super Merge, Descend, PAFAIDE, PAFABLTY
22 May William Harten Improving Documentation in Future Software and GEDCOM Issues
19 Jun Two Class Periods
19 Jul Two Class Periods
21 Aug Two Class Periods
18 Sep Roger Flick On-Line Network Services
16 Oct Two Class Periods
20 Nov Bruce Buzbee New Version of the Family Origins Program
18 Dec Judy Greer The McAfee Virus Scanner


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
18 Jan    
15 Feb Brian Gallacher What Happens To The TempleReady Disk After It Gets To The Temple?
21 Mar John Jarman TempleReady, What It Will And Will Not Do
18 Apr Robert Gunderson, Barbara Jackman, and Bonnie Gray Ancestral File
16 May Mary Spencer Personal Ancestral File
20 Jun Mike Hall  
18 Jul Jay Potter and David Hurst Automated Archives
15 Aug Steve Cannon Family Records Utility
19 Sep Kip Sperry Family History Activities at Brigham Young University
17 Oct Jamon Scott Shareware
21 Nov John Jarman The New AncestralFile and International Genealogical Index
19 Dec Jay Markham Genealogy Bulletin Boards by Modem


Date Presenter(s) Topic/Title
19 Oct Paul DuPaix Doctoring A Sick PAF
16 Nov Paul Taylor Modems and CD-ROMs For Personal Ancestral File Use
14 Dec Shayne Packer PAF For The MacIntosh

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