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What is TAGGology?

      TAGGology is the monthly newsletter for members of the Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group. It is chock full of informative articles to help genealogists and family historians use computers more productively. Articles include information on using Personal Ancestral File and other genealogy programs, upcoming local and national events, reviews of software, research tips, etc. It is published to be available for distribution on the second Saturday of each month at the users group meeting. It is also sent via email and snail mail. 
The email version is a pdf version that can be opened with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.. 

   If you would like to receive a free copy of our newsletter via email, please email your request to

      Go to the membership page for instructions on becoming a member of the UVTAGG. 

Submitting Articles for Publication

      Articles and suggestions for future editions are always welcome. Submit articles via email in text format or any common word processor format (WordPerfect or Microsoft Word formats are preferred) to: 

Newsletter Editor,
Eileen Phelps at


 Selected Articles of Lasting Value

June 2003 – Utilities for your Family History Center – They’re Free? and Clear?
Information on obtaining and using software utilities 

Sep 2002 – That @$%#*&^^!! Spam
How to rid your email box of SPAM. 

Jan 2002 – HELP, Do You Need Help?
A description of classes for LDS family historians available at the UTAH SOUTH AREA FAMILY HISTORY TRAINING CENTER in Provo, Utah. 

Nov 2001 – The Save Our Stories Pogram
How an LDS ward worked together to save its older member’s life experiences. 

Oct 2001 – Your Page in History
Be Sure to Write it Down – A Reflection on Sept 11th 

Feb 2001 – The Unwired Spouse
Thoughts on taking advantage of technology without learning it 

Dec 1998 – Organize Your Large LDS Family
Make a Resolution That Will Really Do Some Good 

Aug 1998 – New Technology Still Needs Old Techniques
Searching for variants is eased by the computer 

Jun 1998 – To See or Not to See, The Battle over Privacy
Avoiding publication of information identifying living individuals 

May 1998 – Just Because You Can, Does Not Mean You Should – A Case Study
Why NOT to download from the Ancestral File for submission to TempleReady 

Sep 1997 – UPS: Good Insurance
Protect your computer and its data against power problems 

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