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ABSTRACT:  Yearbooks are mostly from schools, universities, and the military, but sometimes from companies and churches.  Many yearbooks have been published and many are now being scanned and posted on the Internet.  Many are on free websites such as schools posting their old yearbooks, but there are more and more commercial websites now, too.  This class will discuss and show examples of yearbooks, finding them online, and the kinds of things they contain.  Besides showing that the person was there at the time, they usually provide information to add to the story of the person's life.  If you have old yearbooks yourself, there are websites that are collecting and scanning them to post on the Internet.  The notes for this class and related articles, all with active Internet links, are posted on my website .


  1. Instructor is Donald R. Snow ( ) of Provo and St. George, Utah.
  2. The notes with active URLs and additional information in other notes and articles is posted at .
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  4. This class will discuss yearbooks, some of which are called directories, and how to find and use them in family history. 


  5. Yearbooks are made to remember a particular school class, event, or occasion, especially high school and college, church, and military.
  6. LDS wards and stakes frequently produce directories or yearbooks for their members and these sometimes contain photos; local libraries may have copies
  7. Military units, such as Army companies and Navy ships, sometimes produce yearbooks, many are online 
  8. If yearbook has an index, check that too, since sometimes the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) makes mistakes on some words  

  10. North Hollywood High School El Camino yearbooks (where I graduated) -- try a Google search for "north hollywood high school yearbook" (yearbook is singular since it wouldn't be plural in the title) -- -- free website, as are most high school websites
  11. University of Southern California Dental School El Rodeo yearbooks (where my Dad, Eldon Stafford Snow got his DDS) --*/mode/all/conn/and/display/200/order/datej/ad/asc -- I went to the USC Library in Los Angeles and took pictures of some of the yearbook pages before they were online; now I find there is more information about him that I didn't find at the USC Library       
  12. Stanford Ward 1964 Photo Directory or Yearbook -- was lots of work to produce, but valuable to all of us now
  13. Morningside 7th Ward (St. George, Utah) color photo directories -- produced by Leroi Nelson every year, a valuable tool and historical record  
  14. Edgemont LDS stakes in Provo, Utah -- they produced stake directories every year, are like yearbooks -- Don has scanned all of them and donated the hard copies to the BYU Library

  16. FamilySearch
    1. FHC Portal at FHCs -- many premium websites with yearbooks -- 
    2. FamilySearch Books has more than 10,000 yearbooks; search for "yearbook" (singular, since the plural wouldn't be in the title); BYU Banyans and the UofU Utonians are here and can be downloaded and are every-word searchable  
    3. BYU Banyan yearbooks -- best copies are on FamilySearch Books (see below); also on Internet Archive -- -- -- can download entire volumes as searchable pdfs 
    4. University of Utah Utonian yearbooks -- best copies are on FamilySearch Books; also on U of U Marriott Library; check Mountain West Digital Library -- -- can download them from FamilySearch, but not from U of U Marriott Library 
    5. Utah State University Buzzer yearbooks --  
    6. Washington County, Utah --,_Utah_Genealogy  
    7. Utah Archives -- -- many libraries have local yearbooks online 
    8. United States City Directories -- -- good article with links to directory information for each state  
    9. Los Angeles County School records with many yearbooks --   
    10. FamilySearch Catalog -- search for keywords:  yearbook [location] -- has more than 5000 hits for "yearbook"    
  17. has major collections of directories and yearbooks --
    1. Ancestry's Support Center -- -- -- many helpful tips and articles 
    2. U.S. School Yearbooks, 1900-1990 --  
    3. Schools, Directories, and Church Histories --
  18. High school yearbooks --   Commercial
  19. MyHeritage -- -- has a large collection of yearbooks   
  20. Newberry Library (Chicago) --
  21. Finding yearbooks online --  
  22. Cyndi's List --      
  23. Navy cruise books --  
  24. Military Yearbook Project --   
  25. Commercial website with many yearbooks --  

  27. Yearbooks are very useful in family history since they help identify people and add background to their lives, especially for the history of your own life.  
  28. Many yearbooks are available online and can be downloaded and/or searched for free.

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