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  1. Instructor is Donald R. Snow ( ) of Provo and St. George, Utah.
  2. The notes with active URLs and additional information in other notes and articles are posted at
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  4. The problem for today: Finding and using online maps for family history.

  6. Maps give a visual representation of information in compact form -- e.g. locations, distances, relationships of places, geographical features
  7. Kinds of maps -- teaching maps, road, topological (contours or level lines at given heights show hills and valleys - contours close together = steep, contours further apart = flatter), land and property, railroad, fire insurance, migration, historical, county maps (boundaries and changes), cemetery, surname distribution, relief maps (3D models in plastic, etc.), aerial, and "bird's eye view" (aerial at a slant to see the geographic features more easily)
  8. GPS tools - very helpful in family history -- even cameras have GPSs now so you can tell exactly where a photo was taken

  10. A gazetteer is a book or website describing locations in words, including their history and geography
  11. United States gazetteers --
  12. Samuel Lewis' Topographical Dictionary (Gazetteer) of England of 1848 (4 vols) -- 
  13. Very helpful online world gazetteer is the Getty Museum Thesaurus -- -- for an example type in Ragtown, United States

  15. David Rumsey Map Collection -- -- large collection of historical maps, constantly added to
  16. Perry-Castaneda Map Collection at U of Texas -- and
  17. New York Public Library Digital Collection -- -- and for more info see --
  18. Links to map collections, mostly at colleges and universities --

  20. See lists by state in -- for general maps see Maps and Gazetteers in Statewide Resources for the state
  21. US Geological Survey (USGS) --
  22. US National Map by USGS -- -- a major website with many helps and links, includes topos, historic, and aerial views
  23. National Atlas -- -- many printable maps
  24. Library of Congress Map Collection -- 
  25. US historical
    1. Growth of the US - 10-minute online video --
    2. US county boundary changes over time - interactive -- -- based on old Animap program
    3. US state and county boundary changes over time - interactive -- -- can download the maps with instructions on overlaying them on Google Earth
    4. Early US Maps --
    5. Historical Map and Chart Collection -- -- Office of Coast Survey (NOAA)
    6. Historic Land Ownership and Reference Atlases ($$$, but free at FHCs) -- 
    7. Marshall Historic Maps Collection -- -- Historic USGS topo maps
    8. Historic and bird's eye view maps, primarily New England ($$$, some free) --
  26. Sanborn Fire Insurance maps
    1. Search Linkpendium (see above) for Sanborn maps
    2. Finding free Sanborn Maps online --
    3. Union List of Sanborn Maps, UC Berkeley --  
    4. Sanborn Fire Insurance maps in Library of Congress -- 
    5. Sanborn Fire Insurance maps ($$$) --


  27. Steve Morse's One-Step Road And Aerial Views by address of lat/long -- 
  28. Map Your Ancestors - FamilySearch -- 
  29. Visualize Your Ancestors With RootsMapper -- 
  30. England and Wales 1851 Jurisdictions maps -- -- shows parishes, locations, information, probate courts, links; interactive and can be used like a gazetteer
  31. FamilySearch Research Wiki for maps of a country -- > Search > Research Wiki > Country > Maps   
  32. Old Maps Online --  
  33. Surname distribution maps
    1. FamilySearch --  and 
    3. GenealogyBlog -- 
  34. LDS Church:  Bible Maps -- , Church History Maps --
  35. Map that Don made around the London England Hyde Park Chapel - Click Here  
  36. 30-minute video on using maps in Family History -- 
  37. 8-minute video on using maps - Ancestry -- The Sayre's -- 
  38. Helps with maps -- 

  40. There is a wealth of maps and information online and more being added all the time.  Hopefully, these notes give you a place to start to find what you need.
  41. Make your own maps of migration, your ancestors' locations, and many other ideas, by using Google's "My Maps" and Google Earth.

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