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ABSTRACT: GLARY UTILITIES FREE is a Windows program that helps keep your computer running smoothly.  It has a commercial version, but the free version is sufficient for most of us in family history.  It has many features, including a "CheckDisk"-type program to fix digital errors, a program to check for and install needed updates in your installed programs, a starting procedure editor, a virus checker, and much more.  We will discuss how to download and use some of the basics to keep your computer running smoothly. The notes for this class and related articles, all with active Internet links, are on my website .


  1. Instructor is Donald R. Snow ( ) of Provo, Utah.
  2. These notes, with active internet links and other related articles, are on Don's website .
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  4. The problem for today:  How do you clean up electronic problems on your Windows computer and check for updates for installed programs?

  6. Windows has 32-bit and 64-bit versions and you sometimes need to know which when you download program updates. 
  7. BELARC ADVISOR- -- free for personal use
  8. BELARC gives a list of all hardware and software on your computer, including versions and license numbers. 
  9. Programs are of several types, e.g. drivers, utilities, text programs, genealogy programs, photo programs, etc.

  11. Free for private use; available from -- the free version is enough for most of us in family history.  
  12. Basic features of GLARY
    1. Hard Drive Cleanup - program you can run periodically, e.g. weekly, to correct computer errors and defrag your hard drives; defrag makes programs and data load faster; new type of solid state hard drives don't need defragging  
    2. Contains a program that checks for and updates installed programs on your computer
    3. GLARY contains a "startup procedure" editor so you can turn off or on things you don't want, so your computer starts faster
    4. GLARY has a virus checker, but others are better for that.
  13. It contains many additional features that won't be discussed here. 

  15. Everyone gets computer problems and it's not always easy to know if it's major or minor; helps to have a grandkid to ask. 
  16. GLARY UTILITIES FREE helps to keep your computer running smoothly and updating your installed programs.
  17. Using something like GLARY takes a little time, but saves grief and time in the long run. 

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