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Gospel Library is an app (application) for computers and mobile devices from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to help with gospel study. It contains the scriptures, General Conference talks, the Come Follow Me manual, Church magazines, study helps, and a wealth of other things. On my website are additional and more detailed sets of notes about it. This article is about the Helps on the computer version.

The mobile versions of Gospel Library are stripped-down versions of the computer version, so the Helps section on the computer app contains much more than the Helps (Tips) on the mobile versions and it includes information about the mobile versions. To get to the computer app Helps download the computer Gospel Library by the following steps.

Start at the Church website: > Scriptures and Study > Helpful Resources > Study Tools > Gospel Library > Get It From Microsoft > Get It

You can click Skip for the Microsoft sign-in that it asks for. The program downloads with the basic items you need, but there is a Download All option which brings down more than 2600 items and takes awhile to do.


The Gospel Library Helps icon is on the Home Page down at the bottom left. Clicking on it shows the following chart of boxes.

Note that most boxes are labelled as chapters, each phrased as a question such as, "How Do I Use Notebooks?" or "How Do I Mark Scriptures and Gospel Content?" Clicking on any of these opens a multi-page file that uses text, diagrams, and tips to answer that question. Some answers are short and others are 8-10 pages long. I went through and used FastStone Capture to download each scrolling window as a pdf, so I have them on my computer to use without having to open Gospel Library. I can put these into a Notebook in Evernote, so I can read them on my mobile devices, too. Two or three of the que stions are not answered yet and it says they will be posted later. As they make changes or add features to Gospel Library, they will undoubtedly modify these Helps.

To give you a flavor of what each chapter looks like, here is a screenshot of the first page of Chapter 1, How Do I Get Around?

To get back to the Chapter chart from any place, click on the word Help in the top bar. To go all the way back to the Gospel Library Home page, click on Library.


Most of the basic questions people ask about using Gospel Library are answered right here, so these Helps are really valuable. They are well-written, but not well-known, so you may find the answers to many of your own questions about Gospel Library by using them.  If you want, you can download them in html or pdf and make them available to yourself on your mobile devices, but that's the subject for another article.