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2014 Donald R. Snow

My Freeware Corner Notes are printed in our Utah Valley Technology and Genealogy Group monthly newsletter TAGGology and posted on my Family History Class Notes webpage , sometimes with updated information there.

Welcome to a new addition to our monthly newsletter.  I will be bringing you a brief listing of freeware programs in different categories each month.  Since doing effective family history is our goal, we should also be interested in finding tools which will help us reach that goal.  There is no reason that our work should cost us more than it needs to.  Here are several free note programs which can aid you in being more organized in your family history work. 

1.  Evernote ( )  Very helpful note program; synchronizes your notes between computers and stores your notes online so you can get to them anywhere you can get to the Internet;  notes can be text, images, URLs, webpages, audio, or video; has OCR indexing for pdfs; has apps for mobile devices.  [See UVTAGG DVD 281 class taught by Don on Evernote April 2012]
2.  Jarte ( )  Small, very fast, free text editor that handles txt and rtf; more features than WordPad
3.  PhraseExpress ( )  Expands phrases or sentences when you type the letter code you set
4.  ResophNotes  ( )  Note program that acts like a clipboard extender, but keeps your clips alphabetized 
5.  Notetab Lite  ( )  Simple, free note program
6.  TreePad Lite  ( )  Note and personal information manager (PIM), uses tree-format.

Of the above list, I use Evernote and Jarte every day, PhraseExpress and ResophNotes regularly, and Notetab Lite  and TreePad Lite occasionally.  Whichever program you decide to use, look for one that best fits your needs.

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