Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] June 2nd 1888 [Saturday 2 Jun 1888]

My dear Georgie [Georgiana Snow Thatcher, b. 1862]

The dispensations of Providence have fallen upon us with a heavy hand, and death has scraped a rich harvest were in [we] did not, because we could not expect. Our anxiety, hope and prayers, were so strong in behalf of your fathers recovery that we were, I now see, deceived as to his true condition. May the Lord Almighty comfort you dear Georgie [Georgiana Snow Thatcher, b. 1862], for my own heart has been so full of grief since your father's death and is so still, that I feel myself wholy [wholly] unable to say much to comfort you. Only this, we know that God is just and wise in all He does or permits. At His pleasure he gives and His will takes away.

There is one Consolation that the world cannot take from us, and that is the glorious anticipations we have of endless heavenly reunions. Those remaining will follow after those gone before. And the joy of the orghrins [?] Shall know no bounds. I will not, my [?] dear wife; attempt details of your father's illness and death, for the newspapers give them; as also an account of how deeply all mourn his loss. Oh how we shall miss him.

If it can be arranged satisfactory I am in hopes to bring your mother with me. It will do her good and you good. If it cannot be arranged then, dear, I must by and be to you Father mother and husband too, until you can see your mother again. At first I felt that your going was a great misfortune, for I could hardly bear the thought that you could never again see your father until the resurrection. Now hoever I feel that all will be right for had you remained I could not be with you as I now soon will be.

Hope to leave here by Wednesday [Wednesday 6 Jun 1888] or Thursday [Thursday 7 Jun 1888] and to see you by the 15th [Friday 15 Jun 1888] maybe [f ?] before. May the Lord give you fortitude & patience to bear your deep affliction. Your mother and all bear the loss better than could have been expected. I am worn out and have written until I no longer have feeling in my hand. With loving kisses dear Georgie [Georgiana Snow Thatcher, b. 1862] and an earnest prayer for you and Virdie I am as ever yours

“August” [(Thatcher) written in a different handwriting]

[Moses Thatcher, b. 1842-1909]

[Written in top margin of first page]

I waited for Bro [Brother] Mack [?] so as to know where to write you certain [?]. He came today. Will write you again soon.