Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] May 8th 1888 [Tuesday 8 May 1888]

This morning at 4' oclock [4:00 am] your father had a hard chill followed by a raging fever. All resulting from retention of the urine. He has suffered from the beginning with this trouble. Drs. Richards [Willard Richards] Young [?] and Bascum (the latter Sergeon [Surgeon] of the D and R G Co [Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company]) had all failed to relieve him by means of the Catheter and considerable pain and inflamation resulted of course. His condition this morning finally alarmed us all. I went up to see him at 6 am [6:00 am] and he was in a raging fever. We administered to him. Later Drs. Young [?], Anderson [?] and Benedict [?] came and after consultation the latter successfully introduced the Catheter and relieved him of nearly a gallon of water which at once gave him comfort. And we are all in hopes and believe that his chief trouble is over and that he will no improve straight along and be able to start for Mexico by about June 1st [Friday 1 Jun 1888].

Now if he does and your mother accompanies him I desire you to go across the Country, if you feel willing, with Brother Mcdonalds [President A. F. McDonald] people. I shall write him today telling him that I will telegraph so he will know what to say to you before his folks leave Saint George [St. George, Utah] on the 20th inst [instant – Sunday 20 May 1888]. He will reach Pipe [Pipe Springs, Utah] about the 23 [Wednesday 23 May 1888] and leave Kanab [Kanab, Utah] for Arizona on the morning of the 26th inst. [instant – Saturday 26 May 1888].

Should we [?] still be unable to determine by the 20th [Sunday 20 May 1888] and finally decide that your father can go I will send wire message as late as the 25th [Wednesday 25 May 1888] to Brother Mariger [?] or Deul [?]. Please tell them if you can start should they get message from Logan or here reading as follows vis: “Lichnpartyinaccompany” [?] Tell party to go answer” Dr. S. A. Laugton” That they will understand the message is for you and your should have it in time to leave Kanab by the 26th [Saturday 26 May 1888] and they should send answer to the above name so I would know. We all feel greatly encouraged about your father and he may telegraph you more plainly. So be all ready dear. God bless you. I have no time to write as I wish to but even this you will be glad to get. Ever yours lovingly

August [Elder Moses Thatcher 1842-1909] [Letter of 1888-06-02 is signed by “August” and someone has written in Thatcher]