Juarez June 18th 1887

[Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico] [Saturday 18 Jun 1887]

Elizabeth R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831]

St George

Utah [St. George, Utah]

My Dear Wife,

Your letter enclosed from Brother Lyman [?] dated May 17th [Tuesday 17 May 1887] came to hand last evening [Friday 17 Jun 1887] which I had looked long and anxiously for. I regreted [regretted] to learn that Flora [Florence Snow Woolley, b. 1856] and Dee [Edwin Dilworth Woolley, b. 1845] were absent from your birthday party, for if I could not be present I hoped your children would all be there. I’m glad you have got another cow. If your old cow does not have a calf she should be got up in the fall and pastured awhile on the Lucern [lucerne] in the field until she is fat, then beefed at the commencement of cold weather so you can have fresh beef in the winter and corned beef during the Spring and Summer. I shall be glad to come and [pick] grapes and fruit with you next fall. We too have had a cold backward spring and the peas, corn, and other stuf [stuff] planted by Clarie [Clarence Snow, b. 1874] and I before you left were cut down by frosts in April [Apr 1887] so we have had no green but expect some soon. A few of lettuce & radishes is all the garden stuff we have had as yet. The camp generaly [generally] have been short of bread, meat, butter, & milk, for cows as well as loose cattle were sent to the mountains in March [Mar 1887] and Our cow died there in the mire, but Brother Pratt [Helaman Pratt, b. 1846] got two more from Asencion [Ascension, Chihuahua, Mexico] and we are now milking one of his. I wrote Josephine [Josephine Snow Tanner, b. 1859] and Georgiana [Georgiana Snow Thatcher, b. 1862] from Diez [Colonia Diaz, Chihuahua, Mexico] a few days since and sent you a few lines in Franks [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] letter before I left here. I returned here night before last with Minerva [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822] who arrived safely with Brother West [?]. We are all now in fair health; having hot weather but no rain as yet; Of course you heard of the earthquake on the 3rd May [Tuesday 3 May 1887] which caused the mountains West of us to tremble and huge rocks to tumble from their sumits [summits] and fires to ignite and spread all through the mountains. Part of our Mexican colonists are pitching into work and seem contented and happy including the Paiz family while some others left in disgust a few days after their arrival. E.B. [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] is still with me in counting the prospective increase in my family you overlooked one. Erastus Snow. [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]

[Written across the rest]

Many thanks to the girls for their pictures.

I enclosed this with Willies [William Spencer Snow, b. 1867] to save postage.