1a Calle De Soto No. 2 Mexico [Mexico City, Mexico] April 22d 1887 [ Friday 22 Apr 1887]

My Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831]- Your promised letter written from Provo [Provo, Utah, Utah] on the 11th inst [instant – Monday 11 Apr 1887] reached me yesterday and was perused with much interest not only was I glad to learn of your safe arrival, but also of the rest of my friends you met with at Provo [Provo, Utah, Utah] and of Orson [Orson Pratt Snow, b. 1860] & his wife, of Effies daughter & Minervas [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822] children as well as of your own although you did not tell me how Ashby [Ashby Snow, b. 1867] was progressing and what he needed etc. nor whether he would leave School to attend your Birthday Party. If he don’t leave Provo [Provo, Utah, Utah] before May 10th [Tuesday 10 May 1887] Possibly I may be with him, if we can get a covered carriage to travel in - This is yet uncertain But it might be well for him to get a hint of it. It is barely possible I may attempt the route by St Joseph [St. Joseph, Navajo, Arizona - http://www.azcommerce.com/doclib/COMMUNE/joseph%20city.pdf ] & Pariah ferry [Pariah Ferry or Lee's Ferry - http://walkingarizona.blogspot.com/2009/01/pariah-trail-with-history-part-one.html ] in which event I would Telegraph for a team to meet me from St George [St. George, Washington, Utah] or Kanab [Kanab, Kane, Utah] at the ferry. We still expect to be ready to start from here with fifty seven [57] emigrants including the Paiz family on the 2d May Monday 2 May 1887]. Government pays their fares. I have But 5,000 hecters more lands of Campo Bras in Carrolans [?], including Cane or “Fairy Land” you have heard so much about. I wrote you Just after my arrival here, which should reach St George [St. George, Washington, Utah] soon after you. I also recieved [received] a letter from Minerva [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822] written the day you reached Provo [Provo, Utah, Utah] in which She informed me that She had rented her whole house to F. S. Richards [Franklin Snyder Richards, b. 1847] and could now come to Mexico if I so desired.

I answered for her to meet me at El Paso [El Paso, El Paso, Texas] on the 4th or 5th May [Wednesday 4 May 1887 or Thursday 5 May 1887] if she could or come with any Party of friends either to El Paso [El Paso, El Paso, Texas] or to Bro. O Riches [?] at Deming [Deming, Luna, New Mexico] where I would find her or send for her. She wrote She could not have corage [courage] to start alone and company is so uncertain that as yet I am left in doubt But expect a Telegram before leaving here, so I may know how to calculate. If she does not come now, I may attempt to comply with your invitation meantime I hope to receive a reply to my last to you & Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] before I leave here and learn how you found matters at home and the prospect of your being able to get all you children & Grand children together including Sons-in-law both real and prospective. I wrote Minerva [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822] to send her Range & heater to you if She had not sold or rented it with her house. It is such an one as you need for your house. The two cost between ninety and one hundred Dollars [$90 and $100], got it at Z.C.M.I. [Zion's Cooperative Mercantile Institution] and the heater of David Jones & Sons. Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] can order one for you through St George C.M.I. [St. George Cooperative Mercantile Institution] if you still wish it and don’t get Minervas [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822]. Bros Whipper [?] & Eyring [?] reached Juarez [Colonia Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico] on the 8th inst [instant – Friday 8 Apr 1887] and Eyring moved into our house. Expect E.B. [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] will arrive there about the 11th Proximo [Wednesday 11 May 1887], when I shall probably be there unless I conclude to take the other end of the road, before hinted at which If I do you will of course keep close. Everything seems to work favourably [favorably] with us here since our arrival. Have got all Deeds for our lands and our colonies Stand fair with the Federal Government [of Mexico]. I was pleased to read & feel the Spirit of the General Annual Conferance [conference] at Provo [Provo, Utah, Utah]. Another of Concho’s little Brothers died last night of Typhoid fever. We are trying to get the family to go to the Colony [in Chihuahua, Mexico]. All want to go but the Old man who holds back. My love and blessing to Flora [Florence Snow Woolley, b. 1856] & her children especially the Babies I have not seen. Also to Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] and hers and to Josephine [Josephine Snow, b. 1859], Georgiana [Georgiana Snow Thatcher, b. 1862], Martha [Martha Ellen Snow, b. 1865], Ashby [Ashby Snow, b. 1867], Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] & Clarence [Clarence Snow, b. 1874] what will he now do without his Borro [burro] when he goes hunting ducks and quails. By the way I bespeake [bespeak] a Quail Pie at the Birth Day Dinner I must not forget those maids of all work. Tu Sabe. [You know, in Spanish]

[On top margin]

I suppose they are getting to be quite large girls and will soon begin flirting with the boys. Has their Schooling been neglected? Both the girls & Clarence [Clarence Snow, b. 1874] should now be Diligent pupils at Sabbath School and District School when there is any running to make up for time lost.

Effectionately [affectionately] etc. E. Snow [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]

[On side margin]

Get Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] to mail the enclosed promptly to McFarland if he knows his whereabouts.