Primera Calle de Soto No 2

City of Mexico Sept 29/86 [Mexico City, Mexico Wednesday 29 Sep 1886]

My dear Georgie [Georgiana Snow Thatcher, b. 1862]

I wrote you from the City of Chihuahua [Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico] on the evening of the 25th inst [instant – Saturday 25 Sep 1886], I think. But this evenings mail is the only one that can reach you before the day on which we now expect to reach Juarez [Ciudad Juarez, Mexico]. I write you again briefly. I hope to hear from you by the mail leaving Casas Grande today.

Your father and mother [Erastus Snow, b. 1818 and Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831] seem well and happy and will I presume write you today. If so I will enclose this in their letter. When the train is sent out to meet up, please send back my rubber coat and gun, the boots you need not return as I will get a pair here. I expect that you have been lonely since we have left and will be glad to see us on our return. It will be mutual. You cannot be more glad to see us than will I to see you. I shall be thankful to again have the pleasure of your society. I trust that the making of your dresses may keep you so employed that the days will drag less than under other circumstances. Will you please me by making the black one at least something like your brown? I forgot to get buttons for you lawn dress. May find some here, and perhaps some other little things that may please you. Wait and see please. Expect to meet Minister Carlos Pacheco today and am strongly in hopes of sucessfully [successfully] accomplishing something greatly in the interest of our colony but will not now mention what, as I can tell you better when we return. It would be a great satisfaction to me if you could meet us at Gallejo Station [Gallegos Station ?], but of course I know you could not so do without creating unnecessary talk. We will plan picnicks [picnics] and outs that will do, instead, when we get back. I trust that your health has been good since we left and that you will be fat and rosy when we get back.

I suppose that you and Bro E [Brother Eyring ?] have had a boss time since we left. Well I am willing, if only our absence will make some one double dear in our return.

I have not time to write more but will say in closing that the memory of the past few weeks has kept me in anticipation of the future. With love and a kiss I am ever yours devotedly. M [Moses Thatcher, b. 1842 – see http://www.gapages.com/thatcm1.htm]