Willard  Box Elder Count [Willard, Box Elder, Utah]   Feb.12th  1886 [Friday 1886-02-12]

My Dear Elizabeth--

As I am off for Mexico without having the privilege of seeing you and the rest of my family and friends in the South.  I feel quite as much disappointed as you can be but as it is in accordance with Council and public duty, I trust you as well as myself will say it is right and trust Providence will overrule it for good.  I have some good friends with me, though not Bro Moses [Elder Moses Thatcher 1842-1909], as I first proposed, but Just as good friends.  How long I shall be gone I cannot tell but still hope to return by the southern route proposed last winter.  Please write to me when you receive this.  Direct to E. Fairbanks, la Calle De Soto No 2 City of Mexico [Mexico City, Mexico].

When will Marthas School be out at Overton [Overton, Nevada]?  Shall hope that I may be able to meet you or a Team that goes to bring her home.  But this must be a secret for probably efforts will be made to arrest me in the South if they can.

I learned since writing you last that Marshall Ireland as soon as he learned of my being found in the Historian Office went straight with another Deputy to the Clerks Office for a Warrant for me but could not find the clerk of court and he next went for the Judge Zane and before he found him I was Non est [non existent ?] and they could get no further trace of me.  You must try to get your ________________ the other work done as best you can with the help of the boys.  Hope E. B. [Erastus Beman Snow 1847-1900] and Frank [Franklin Richards Snow 1854-1942] will rent the Farm in Washington Field [Washington City, Washington, Utah].

                            Effectionately [affectionately] yours &c

                                                                                    E. F.  [Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

                                                                                    Feb 12th/ 86.  [Friday 1886-02-12]

Dear Frank [Franklin Richards Snow 1854-1942] -   You may look for an order from the General Office order to be credited my account in your office.  I wish to inform you and your brothers that after much correspondence with George Albert [George Albert Snow 1863-1939] and saying all that I feel I could wisely say or do he has flatly assured me that he cannot give up Effie Stodard [Effie Luvera Stoddard 1865-1954] and that they are engaged in Marriage and expect to marry the last of March or soon after.  I have written him to hold on till I return and I will either marry them or get some other Elder to do so rather than have them apply to any Magistrate or sectarian priest but Perhaps she may be influenced to comply with our faith and rules.  Let us all help her and draw her to us and help save her if possible as the only seeming means of saving George Albert [George Albert Snow 1863-1939] from a bad fate.