Historian Office Salt Lake City Sept 19th 1885

[LDS Church Historian's Office Saturday 19 Sep 1885]

My Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831], I am anxious to learn what is going on at Beaver court [Beaver, Utah] and at St George [St. George, Utah] by Commissioners or others hearing on our domestic relations. I hear that a Commissioner & Deputy has been appointed at Leeds [Leeds, Utah] to do what they can to harris [harass] our southern people. Our negotiations terminated suddenly in the city of Mexico [Mexico City, Mexico], but doors seem opening up for us in Sonora [Sonora, Mexico], where Elder Lyman [Frances M. Lyman] and myself will soon return in the hope of accomplishing our object. I telegraphed last Monday [14 Sep 1885] to Moroni [Moroni Snow, b. 1858] and wrote to Josephine [Josephine Snow, b. 1859] and Eddie [Edward Hunter Snow, b. 1865], and yesterday wrote to Erastus B. [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] and have continued to desire and plan about making you a visit before we start back to Sonora [Sonora, Mexico]. But I have today quite given up that idea so I want you and E. B. [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] and others to write me immediately enclosing letters under cover to H.J. Grant [Heber J. Grant]. We are now expecting to start back in about a week [Saturday 26 Sep 1885]. Bro Lyman [Frances M. Lyman] is writing by my side and sends his regards to yourself and the girls and says he will hold good for future use, Josephines [Josephine Snow, b. 1859] promise to hide him up if he would come to St. George [St. George, Utah]. I received yesterday [Friday 18 Sep 1885] a Telegraphic reply from D. Sgmiller [Daniel Seeqmiller. b. 1836] from Richfield [Richfield, Utah]. He and Mishy [Artimesia Snow Woolley Seegmiller, b. 1849] were visiting there and calculated to start back today to the Ranch [Kanab, Utah] and then Mishy [Artimesia Snow Woolley Seegmiller, b. 1849] will accopmany [accompany] him to Arrizona [Arizona] for a few months. I may see them there as I expect we shall visit the Saints in Arrizona [Arizona] during our next tour South. Posibly [possibly] Minerva [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822] may go with me, but don’t know until [until] I shall hear again from the President [President John Taylor]. I wanted badly to have you take an out to the Ranch [Kanab, Utah] and to meet you there and have a good visit with you and our friends but time is short to allow it, as we Bro Ly [Brother Frances M. Lyman] and myself one or both of us, arranged to meet certain Parties on the fronteers [frontiers] of Sonora [Sonora, Mexico] about the first of October [Thursday 1 Oct 1885]. Besides I begin to feel it hardly prudent to attempt to go down south and back in haste least I draw too much attention to myself. I find I have already showed myself a little more than I ought in this city [Salt Lake City, Utah] as I had considerable business to do and Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] and Erastus W. [Erastus White Snow, b. 1849] & families are here, and for the last 24 hours Minervas [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822]

house has been watched. I am consequently charry [wary ?] of my movements as also are Brs [Brothers] Lyman [Frances M. Lyman], B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr., b. 1836]

& John Henry [John Henry Smith]. E.W. [Erastus White Snow, b. 1849] & Maggie [Margaret Ann McBride, b. 1853] return to Provo [Provo, Utah] tomorrow [Sunday 20 Sep 1885] and Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] expects to start south with his buggy on Monday [21 Sep 1885] and Lucy [Lucy Simmons Snow, b. 1855] will join him at Milford [Milford, Utah] with the children.

I suppose the Talk of School in the Big House [in St. George, Utah] this winter has died out and you can do as you please about moveing [moving]. I may not be home before first of December [Tuesday 1 Dec 1885] and will keep you posted and wish you and the children to do the same. I hope to learn that your health is improving. Bro. M. Thatcher [Moses Thatcher] slept with me here last night [Church Historian's Office, Salt Lake City, Utah], had a good visit with him. Effectionately [affectionately] yours etc. E, Snow [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]