Manti August 18th, 85 [Manti, Utah Tuesday 18 Aug 1885]

My dear Husband,

Sister Hyde [Orson Hyde's wife ?] & myself, stopped six days in Provo [Provo, Utah], then came to Morino [Monroe, Utah ?], and and stopped two days, visited Primery [Primary] & relief Society good meetings. Saturday morning [15 Aug 1885] brother Jorns [Ivins ?] took his carriage in company with his Wife and brought us to Mount Pleasant [Mount Pleasant, Utah], to the Conference [Quarterly Stake Conference] found Aunt Louisa [Louisa Wing, b. 1826 ?] and family well. had a splendid Conference, and good turn out, John Henry [John Henry Smith ?] was present. and the spirit of the Lord was poured out upon him in rich abundance, & with power, & the people seemed to be filled with a spirit of rejoicing Sunday [16 Aug 1885] after meeting, I bid my friends good by [goodbye] and came to this place, Sister Hyde [Orson Hyde's wife ?] coming with me, brother & Sister Higbie sending me a note, to come to their house, and here I am in the chamber, where you & I have rested our bodies so comfortably, only wish you was [were] here to enjoy it with me, for I think you must get very weary & tired travelling so much, and I realise [realize] you do not always find comfortable places & my heart is drawn out towards you so much since you left realising [realizing] the hardships you must encounter. John Henry [John Henry Smith ?] came to this place with us, and last evening [Monday 17 Aug 1885] held meeting here, to a crowded congregation this morning took the train for the city [Salt Lake City, Utah]. spent yesterday afternoon [Monday 17 Aug 1885] at brother Mabins in company with John Henry [John Henry Smith ?], Folsom & many other friends, this afternoon going to Sister Workmans, many of our warm hearted friends here were disappointed in not seeing you, and I found they got an impression many of them that you would be here, the brethren would shake hands with me, and hold my hand with a quiet hesitation how is brother Snow [Erastus Snow, b. 1818], some would venture to ask where is brother S [Erastus Snow, b. 1818], brother Folsom seemed very much disappointed, tole [told] me he wished to see you so bad, as for the Temple, we all went up yesterday morning [Monday 17 Aug 1885] to see it. think they need means, good deal said about the Temple in conference [Quarterly Stake Conference], and to raise means people seemed willing, crops have been good, in the valley, but a heavy storm laid a good deal of it to the ground so it will require a great deal of labour [labor] to gather it, some fields look as though there were whirlwings [whirlwinds], & twisted it in bunches all over the field, but still they are all hard at work, not discouraged and think they will be able to secure a good crop, brother Workman health is much improved, and one curiosity is his grey hair is all coming, in from the roots its natural color when he was young, brother Weighbir [Weber ?] & family all send the kindest of regards to you, as well as brother Peterson Folsom Mabien & a host of others. I had been looking anxiously to receive a word from you, what to do, last evening mail [Monday 17 Aug 1885] brought me your welcome letters of the 11 & 13 of August [Tuesday 11 Aug 1885 and Thursday 13 Aug 1885], sorry to hear of you having such a hard journey, & such poor health hope you are better before this. I think I shall stop in this place untill [until] next Saturday [18 Aug 1885], then go over to Epharim [Ephraim, Utah] spend two days [Sunday 19 Aug 1885 and Monday 20 Aug 1885], then ride over to Morino [Monroe, Utah] and stop over night [Monday 20 Aug 1885], so as to take the train in the morning [Tuesday 21 Aug 1885] from there for they have changed, so I would have to leave Ephraim [Ephraim, Utah] by five clock [5 am] if I did not, then to Provo [Provo, Utah] & stop over night [Tueday 21 Aug 1885], & on to the City [Salt Lake City, Utah], then if the way opens and it is right it will leave me a few days in the City [Salt Lake City, Utah], which I will want. I have herd [heard] nothing from the boys since I came over, they were very busy, just received three car loads of furniture have not heard if Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] has arrived, I made a mistake when I wrote brother Jorns [Ivins ?] took us to Mount Pleasant [Mount Pleasant, Utah], he took us to Spring City [Spring City, Utah] & attended sabath [sabbath] [Sunday 16 Aug 1885] meeting & I stopped with Sister Hyde [Orson Hyde's wife ?] untill[until] the following Saturday [22 Aug 1885], & went over with brother Alred [Allred] to Conference [Quarterly Stake Conference]. well good by [goodbye], it is time we were going to Sister Workmans, hoping if all is right to see you soon. shall go up & see what arrangements Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] has made. for coming excuse [excuse] haste in writing, from your loving Wife M. [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822]

my mouth & throat some better