[Letterhead stationery]


W. J. Morphy, Manager

El Paso, Tex [El Paso, Texas] Aug 11th 1885 [Tuesday 11 Aug 1885]

Mrs. Elisabeth R. Snow [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] St George Utah [St. George, Utah]

My ever dear and faithfull [faithful] companion

I believe when I last wrote you I was in Mexico. Just recovering from an attack of my kidneys & Bladder, brot [brought] on by a cold & fever induced by changing from flannel to cotton garments, and from exposing myself during the night Broil [brawl ?], I wrote about in the State of Puebla [Puebla, Mexico]. Elders B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr., b. 1836] and J.W. T. [John W. Taylor] & H. Pratt [Helaman Pratt] visited the governors of Hidalgo at Pachuca [Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico] and of Mexico at Toluca [Toluca, Mexico] during my sickness and when I was able again to travel, we started North (i e Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854], B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr., b. 1836] & J. W. T. [John W. Taylor] ) On the 23d July [Thursday 23 Jul 1885]. We called and Spent Two days at Zacatecas [Zacatecas, Mexico] where we visited the State officials and a Mr Samuel Lederer a Hungarian Miner with whom we met on the Train going south in June [Jun 1885] and who pressed us to visit him at his place in Zacatecas on our return - He met us at the R.R. [Railroad] Depot and escorted us to his Hotel (kept by an American Lady and continued to escort us around the city and adjacent country introducing us to his missing [many ?] friends and who with carriages shewed [showed] us over the hills and about Thirty mines worked by Mexicans in their peculiar style - very rich and paying mines. These were under the immediate management and supervision of Mr. Alcalda who with his Board of Directors, feted us even to disipation [dissipation] and we were almost glad to escape their excessive kindness and came on to Chihuahua [Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico] where we stoped [stopped] Tuesday [28 Jul 1885]. There we almost dispaird [despaired] of finding any suitable rooms and Hotel accommodations, but Senor Campo and his Brother the Mayor came to our Assistance and procured for us a couple of rooms and near by there an eating house run by some American Ladies where we had the best meals we had eaten in Mexico - While in Chihuahua [Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico] we met many Land speculators both American and Mexican anxious to sell us large Tracts. We also called on the Ex Governor who had Just resigned and his sucessor [successor] who had Just been installed and by the latter were couterously [courteously] recived [received] while the former was gentlemanly but quite reserved, he being the one who had previously issued an order for our people to leave the State [Chihuahua, Mexico] as soon as their crops were gatherd [gathered], which Order had been sent by McDonald [A. F. McDonald] to us in Mexico and we had presented it to the Federal Government who immediately demanded of him an explanation of his conduct and it resulted in his resignation and the vindication of our people. From the city of Chihuahua [Chichuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico] we continued north over the Mexican Central R.R. [Railroad] to San Jose Station [San Jose, Chihuahua, Mexico] 75 miles south of this place, where on the morning of the 30th [Thursday 30 Jul 1885] B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr., b. 1836] left us to proceed by way of El Passo [El Paso, Texas], and over the Southern Paciffic [Southern Pacific Railroad] & Sonora Railways to visit the Governor of Sonora at the Capital Hermosillo [Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico], calling on his return upon the Saints at Saint David [St. David, Arizona] and on the Gila [Gila River, Arizona] where he was Joined by Prest. [President] C. Layton who accompanied him back to this place where we all met on the 9th inst. [instant – Sunday 9 Aug 1885] Meantime Elder John W. Taylor with Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] and myself hired a carriage and drove across the country Westward 100 miles to Correlites [Corralitos, Chihuahua, Mexico], McDonalds camp) thence 40 miles down that stream to the camps of Jesse N. [Jesse N. Smith] & Lot Smith and others among who were M.P. Romney [Miles Park Romney, b. 1843], G. Teasdale [George Teasdale] & family. Staid over Sunday [9 Aug 1885] & returned to Carelites [Corralitos, Chihuahua, Mexico] Monday night [10 Aug 1885] and drove 20 miles up the river Tuesday [11 Aug 1885] and held meeting with the camp of Saints near Cassas Grandes [Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico] Among these were Isaac Turley, Alonzo Farnsworth, Ira Elmer and many more old friends. Wednesday [12 Aug 1885] returned to Carelites [Corralitos, Chichuahua, Mexico] and met with all the leading men of the several camps including Elders Lyman [Frances M. Lyman] & Teasdale [George Teasdale] in council [Council of Twelve Apostles]. Ten of these men having Just returned with Elder Lyman [Frances M. Lyman] from a Ten days [10 days] exploring tour through the mountains lying immediately west of us. It was agreed in council what part of the country would suit us and be available which we would Try and purchase of the Government and after fast meeting on the following day Thursday 6th August [6 Aug 1885] we started on our return to San Jose Station [San Jose, Chihuahua, Mexico] and there to this place by rail. Elder Lyman [Frances M. Lyman] came here and is now with us, but Lot Smith, George Teasdale and M. M. Sanders came as far as San Jose [San Jose Station, Chihuahua, Mexico] with beding [bedding] & outfits and thence returned to camp.

There are in all about 60 families of our people left in that region, nearly as many more having gone back to Utah, Arrizona [Arizona] and elsewhere and more men are soon going to bring in their families and needed supplies. I was acquainted with most of them and found them generally in good health and hopefull [hopeful] although some who have been there since February [Feb 1885] are getting very anxious to be settled & housed. The climate is healthy, Water good. Our route from San Jose [San Jose Station, Chihuahua, Mexico] to Corelites [Corralitos, Chihuahua, Mexico] & return over a stock range, with but little water, mostly level country - low rolling divides between the streams or washes that run from South to the North = We had expected to find ranches at which we could lodge, but were Mistaken and had to live on short rations and sleep on the ground with only 3 Blankets for us all going out, but fared well coming back. My fever & Bilious attack in Mexico culminated in a Billious Diarhea [bilious diarrhea] which set in while I was at Chihuahua and followed me up more or less severe for Ten days and that with rough food and constant travel and labour [labor] has been very hard on me, but the Saints in the camps were all very kind to me and the new cows milk & Butter & Buttermilk I obtained there began to help me and I am now getting nearly well again. Two days rest in this Hotel [Pierson Hotel, El Paso, Texas] has also supplied a much needed rest and change of living. Here we can have all the grapes, lemons and whatever else we need. When we returned to San Jose [San Jose Station, Chihuahua, Mexico] Aug 8th [Saturday 8 Aug 1885] I found your letter of July 26th [Sunday 26 Jul 1885] which had returned from Mexico [Mexico City, Mexico] and next day [Monday 27 Jul 1885] on landing here I found yours of the 30th [Thursday 30 Jul 1885] which had been to Chihuahua [Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico] and returned. These with others from Mexico, Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] & Provo [Provo, Utah] were all very cheering after so long & tedious trip away from mails. I regret to learn of Libbies [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] accident and lame back. She must be carefull [careful] and patient untill [until] she is quite recovered otherwise more lasting and dreded [dreaded] results may follow. I hope you will take your proposed trip to Upper Ranch and recruit yourself. By my Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] letters I learn that Josephine [Josephine Snow, b. 1859] has been visiting there and started home, so I shall enclose this to her so that if you and either or both of the other girls are gone, she can open and read and forward this after you. I perceive from the newspaper slip [clipping] you sent me that Mary [? - check this on Utah Digital Newspapers] and children have had a fuss with the Butchers, which she has feared for years. I wish they were for separate as the end of difficult with them is not yet come I fear.

I hope when E.B. [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] & Orson [Orson Pratt Snow, b. 1860] gets [get] home again that the carpenter work will be soon compled [completed] on your house and Willie [William Spencer Snow, b. 1867] & Alex follow quickly with paint & papering & Thompson with the piping so you can move, if necessary during the fall, but it quite doubtfull [doubtful] about the Big House being used for School, at least I fear thy brethren will lack means and energy to accomplish it. I would like to hear how our Utah election came off. The letter you said Tony [Anthony Woodward Ivins, b. 1852] was writing me has not yet reached me nor have we yet received any from the Presidency [First Presidency] which we have looked for near Two weeks [2 weeks]. Hope to get them tonight so I can tell you whether I come home soon or return to Mexico. If the latter I may not be home before October [Oct 1885] and you and other friends should direct your letters to care of H Pratt [Helaman Pratt] in Mexico as usual to Calle de Puente del San Pedro y San Pablo No. 3 Mexico [Mexico City, Mexico]. I enclose my reply to Bro. J. M. Tanner to be remailed to him after reading. Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] & John W. Taylor started home yesterday morning [Monday 10 Aug 1885] with C. Layton and thinks he may remain in Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] till I return. If you and the girls find you can spare Eddie [Edward Hunter Snow, b. 1865] a carpet of any kind for one room & his mother [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow, b. 1837] another one by time he may take Mary [Mary Minerva Snow, b. 1813 ​] in Sept. [Sep 1885] I wish you would let him know. I must write him if I fail to return soon. I hope your eyes & general health will improve as I am sure it will if you go to the Ranch [Upper Ranch, Kanab, Utah] or when fruit and [?] We have lately seen [?] that Rich [?] Odell [?] of St. John [St. Johns, Arizona] who went to Prescot [Prescott, Arizona] on trial had been convicted of Perjory [perjury] in the land case of M. P. Romney [Miles Park Romney, b. 1843] - I hope it is correct. I may visit those settlements of our people in Arrizona [Arizona] when I return. With much love for all at home I remain yours as ever. E. Snow [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]