[Can'f find the xerox copy of this letter to compare it - DRS]

Calle del Puente de San Pedro y San Pablo No. 3 Mexico [Mexico City, Mexico]

July 27, 1885 [Monday 27 Jul 1885]

Erastus Snow

Dear Brother

I called on Senor Chavera yesterday [Sunday 26 Jul 1885], or I should have said on Saturday [Saturday 25 Jul 1885], and he said that Minister Pacheco had sent a communication to the Gov. [Governor] of Chihuahua [Chihuahua, Mexico] asking an explanation of his conduct in going contrary to his orders, and to know why our people were subjected to this new abuse, He also stated that we would have [to] wait untill [until] the reply came from the Gov [Governor], When he would give us a coppy [copy] of the ministers request and also the Govs [Governor's] reply, Everything is about as when you left, No letter from the Prest [President John Taylor ?] yet, but enclosed you will find one from W.C. Spence which I opened, I also post you one from St. George [St. George, Utah], Regards to all the Brethren

As ever your Bro. [brother]

Helaman Pratt