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Calle del Puente de San Pedro y San Pablo No 3 Mexico [Mexico City, Mexico]

July 23rd 1885 [Thursday 23 Jul 1885]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831], family and friends

We have completed our visits to the States of Puebla, Hidalgo and Mexico [Mexico City] and are starting north this evening on the Mexican Central R.R. [Mexico Central Railroad] to visit the governors of Zaceticas [Zacatecas, Mexico] and Chihuahua [Chihuahua, Mexico] and will go on to the camps of the saints on Casas Grandes [Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico] in the latter State and probably some of us may not return here while some one or two of us will together with Elder Lyman [Frances M. Lyman] and others who are now exploring the lands we are negotiating for. Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] starts with us but will probably go with us to Casas Grandes [Casas Grandes, Chihuahua, Mexico] and return to the Line of the Mexican Central [Mexican Central Railroad] and then go home about the middle of August [Sunday 16 Aug 1885]. Whether I go with him is uncertain. It is probable that either B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr., b. 1836] or myself may have to go on with him to El Paso [El Paso, Texas], and thence to Sonora [Sonora, Mexico] to visit the Governor of that State before we return home and possibly Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] may go also. If you will write on receipt of this and direct to care of Pierson Hotel El Paso Texas it will catch me there or else I can have it forwarded to me. Elder H. Pratt [Helaman Pratt]

will forward after us anything coming to us here.

My health has not been good for a few days but am all right again. I took cold while gone to Puebla [Puebla, Mexico], by changing from flannel to cotton garments and also done two much tramping and brot [brought] on my old complaints. This is almost as cool a climate as upper Kanab [Kanab, Utah] during this rainy season notwithstanding it is within the tropics this whole region being from 4500 feet to 8500 altitude. I dreamed a few nights ago of Georgianna [Georgiana Snow, b. 1862] coming and sat on my knee and kissed me and desired to consult me on matters effecting [affecting] herself and soon after you were with, but on your rousing to get up and dress yourself you fell back on the bed saying you felt so numb in your limbs and so bad you must lay down again and I awoke in the act of helping you into bed. I hope there is nothing serious the matter with you or any of my folks at home.

Elders B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr., b. 1836] and John W. Taylor are well as also Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] and Bro. Pratt [Helaman Pratt] and Family although Sister Pratt has not enjoyed as good health here as at home. Probably on account of change of climate and food and water.

An Indian sister does our marketing and cooking with a little showing of Mrs Pratt. We have our bread from the Bakers both white and graham and we have chocolate and Coffee when we choose it and filterd watter [water] and Lemonade and Palka [pulke ?] for drings [drinks], Beef Poultry and mutton for meats, Potatoes both Irish and sweet, cabbage, onions, carrots etc and for fruits we have bananas Pine Apples [pineapples], Prickle Pear [prickly pear] fruit, Strawberries, Pears etc and could have many other varieties if we choose. We have a sort of vegetable soup nearly every day for dinner. We sleep on cots with wool matress [mattresses] and pillows of same which are the kind of beds furnished at Hotels, but B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr., b. 1836] and myself have enjoyed the luxury of a feather pillow through the good luck of Bro Pratt [Helaman Pratt]. Tis [It is] about time to start so goodnight with kisses and prayers for all. Hoping soon to hear of you. E. Snow [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]

P.S. I wrote you about about a week ago [Thursday 16 Jul 1885]. Was poorly [?] know what I wrote. I had much satisfaction reading Elder Thatchers [Moses Thatcher] fourth of July speech [Saturday 4 Jul 1885] at Ogden [Ogden, Utah], although I learn through Prest Cannons [President George Q. Cannon] letter to B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr., b. 1836] that it helped to increase the ire of our enemies. Which I am glad to know and only wish we had many such to proclaim the Truth and Plead for Liberty and human rights. The great cry about the Flags at half mast, was to try to stifle the noise of our manicles [manacles] and the clanking of our chains, they are festering upon us. The federal officials here and State Governors all welcome gladly our people to Mexico. Yours etc. and trust soon we shall secure a place of refuge. E.S. [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]