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Junius F. Wells

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40 Main St. [crossed out] Salt Lake City May 4th 1885 [Monday 4 May 1885]

My Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow], I was very glad to read tonight your anxiously looked for letter of the 4th inst [Monday 4 May 1885 – same day?] together with Dees enclosed. Tell J.C.B. to keep Dee posted as I cannot only from this end and of course I expect him to keep me posted of affair south. I had seen Elder M. Thatcher [Moses Thatcher] (who started six days ago [Tuesday 29 Apr 1885] with B.Y. [Brigham Young Jr.] for city of Mexico [Mexico City, Distrito Federal] to see what can be done with that government) and he told me of having lately written me and I assured him it would be all right and that you would find a way of disposing of its contents as desired. I came from Provo 8 days ago [Sunday 27 Apr 1885] by Rail [railroad], have slept at Hebers and Rachels [Heber Jeddy Grant and his mother Rachel Ridgway Grant] but [have] visited and seen many friends and at the Presidents office [President John Taylor's Office] and elsewhere have had several interviews with my brethren of the Apostles [Quorum of the Twelve Apostles] whom I desired to see so much. All are quite well and cheerfull [cheerful] and some who are hunted, keep out of sight of the hounds while others are quietly pursuing their labours [labors] among the people, more however in the country than in this city [Salt Lake City, Utah]. I attended the Mass meeting in the Tabernacle [Salt Lake Tabernacle] Saturday [2 May 1885] and the Stake Conference [Quarterly Stake Conference] Sunday morning [3 May 1885], but avoided drawing special attention to myself by speaking. I was nevertheless warmly greeted by a host of friends who recognized and sought me out. I have not promonaded [promenaded] main Street [Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah] much, but otherwise have circulated freely attending to business and public and private duties. Have visited with your sisters Susan [Susan Ann Ashby, b. 1830] and Harriet [Harriet Maria Ashby, b. 1834], with Chariton Jacobs family, with Julia Woolley, with Susan Delong etc. Have called on Jos F.’s [Joseph F. Smith] folks, John Henry’s , Bro. W. Woodruffs [Wilford Woodruff] two families, and Sister Bathsheba Smith. Your sister Louisa [Louisa Ashby] got away with her family safely and none too soon. She will turn up with Wm and Jonny. I feel with you that St George [St. George, Utah] is just as safe as any place North although I might be sought after in my own Judicial District when it should be decided to commence on me. And I shall probably work my way back by the time court adjourns at Beaver [Beaver, Utah] if not before. I would like a little more time north and to visit Sanpete [Sanpete, Utah] and Severe [Sevier, Utah] on my return and may possibly send for a team to meet me at some point, but will of course be governed by circumstances and what I learn or as I may feel impressed. I was glad to receive your check. Will select a table and arrange for getting it home. I had just ordered a bill of white lead, Oil, varnish etc for your House, four Locks including one nice Bronze lock and hinges and bell for front door and fastener for Transom. Also a Sack sugar and box soap—all of which will come with Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow, b. 1847] and you will please take charge of the sugar and soap and let E.B. [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] store paints in your house for use there and I want Alex Milne and my Willie [William Spencer Snow, b. 1867] to see to the painting as you may desire. I telegraphed Moroni [Moroni Snow, b. 1858] today. As ever yours etc. E. Snow [Erastus Snow]

P.S. I start tomorrow [Tuesday 5 May 1885] to Coleville conference [Quarterly Stake Conference, Colesville, Utah] with F.M. Lyman [Frances M. Lyman] and return and go next week to Manti [Manti, Utah] where I shall look for your next letter under cover to W.H. Folsom. Your sister Mary [Harriet Maria Ashby, b. 1834 ?] and family all back to Bingham [Bingham, Utah]. Kate here in school. Aunt Mary Gates [Mary Minerva Snow Gates, b. 1813] is at Bro. Zera’s [Zerubbabel Snow, b. 1806] and his folks want to get rid of her, but Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow, b. 1847] cant take her and we must hunt for some other chance. If you or the boys learn of any chance for her to come from Milford [Milford, Utah], telegraph me or Zera [Zerubbabel Snow, b. 1806] a day or two in advance. E.S. [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]