Provo April 27th/85 [Provo, Utah Monday 27 Apr 1885]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow],

I telegraphed you today over Mahonris [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow, b. 1847] signature of our safe arrival and that I E. Fairbanks [Erastus Snow] wanted Jode to keep me posted by telegraph of important news meaning court news. I am stoping [stopping] with Bishop Johnson. Find Minerva [Minerva White Snow] and her Boys and their families all quite well but business exceedingly dull. Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow, b. 1847] and Haddie went on last night to Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] but expect to visit here on their return. We stoped [stopped] at Sister Roundy’s in Kannara [Kanaraville, Utah], at Wards, Rush Lake [Rush Lake, Utah ?] and took supper at Bishop McKnights Minersville [Minesville, Utah] and drove to Milford [Milford, Utah] same night and took train 5 ½ A.M. Sunday morning [5:30 am Sunday 19 Apr 1885]. Occupied conductor’s room from Juab [Juab, Utah] here and walked with my baggage from Depot to this house up a back street at 4 ½ P.M. [4:30 PM] I saw and conversed with many friends on my way up and felt free and safe, while I avoided strangers and the general crowd. I have sent a message to my brethren in the city [Salt Lake City, Utah] by Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow, b. 1847] and if the coast is clear will visit them in a day or two. But keep myself quiet untill [unitl] I hear further from Beaver [Beaver, Utah] and St. George [St. George, Utah]. Possibly may return with Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow, b. 1847] if no demonstrations be made within the next two weeks. I understand Mr. Saunders is still North as also E.G. Woolley [Edwin G. Woolley – see http://wchsutah.org/homes/edwin-g-woolley-home.htm ], and Jos. Andrus [Joseph Andrus]. As soon as Mr. S. [Saunders] returns and pays up or if his man will, for board bill I wish you to send me Eyrings check for what money you can spare, under cover to George Reynolds P.O. Box B [First Presidency mailbox, Salt Lake City, Utah]. for I need it to help pay for your piping and to buy paints for your house which Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow, b. 1847] will bring. None notified me at Cedar [Cedar City, Utah] that Deputy Marshalls were then reported at Upper Ranch. I shall feel anxious untill [until] I hear further about results of their visits. Effectionately [affectionately] yours etc. E. Snow [Erastus Snow]

P.S. If Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] or Ashby [Ashby Snow, b. 1867] will watch and take Rate to get a colt from Sans Pat Stallion at Frank B. Woolleys shall be glad and send off Nells colt with Tommys. Don’t forget to send Father Thomas that pacage [package] [of] Beet seed if he has not got it.