Mesa City Maricopa Co. Arizona [Mesa, Arizona]

Monday February 16th, 1885 [Monday 16 Feb 1885]

Elder Erastus Snow

St. George Utah [St. George, Utah]

My dear friend and Brother,

I am solitary and alone in the house of President A.F. Mackdonald [A. F. McDonald] where President Taylor [John Taylor] stoped [stopped] when we were here together a joly [jolly], jovial, social and happy company. What changes a few weeks bring in this age of steam and electricity, and how many varied circumstances we mortals survived in even the brief space of 30 days.

Acting as you know under the advise [advice] of President Taylor [John Taylor] as to my personal conduct, I remember with peculiar feeling my few days experience at home after our return; and in the midst of it all I have not forgotten your kind but until now unanswered communication. Inasmuch as President Taylor [John Taylor] seemed extremely anxious that any liberty be not interfered with until at least the work of the mission to which your brethren called me at St David [St. David, Arizona] be accomplished, I experience some gratification at being thus far on my way to Mexico. And having both written and telegraphed to Bros [brothers] Lot [Lot Smith ?] and Jesse N. Smith (under assumed names of course) I wait here for replys [replies] at least until Thursday morning the 19th inst. [instant – Thursday 19 Feb 1885] and hope by that time to hear of their ability and willingness to meet Bros [Brothers] Mackdonald [A. F. McDonald] Layton and myself at St David [St. David, Arizona] not later than the 22nd [22 Feb 1885] or at the Gila [Gila River] as early as the 24th or 25th inst. [instant – Tuesday 24 Feb 1885 or Wednesday 25 Feb 1885] And if they do, we shall start immediately thereafter for Chihuahua [Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico]. Bro. [Brother] Mackdonald [A. F. McDonald] and wife with John Hall for teamster, left here on last Wednesday evening [11 Feb 1885] for St. David [St. David, Arizona] and are doubtless there now with President Layton who continued his journey on sleeper last Saturday [14 Feb 1885], while I came to Phoenix [Phoenix, Arizona] by stage, thence by livery team and buggy to Tempe [Tempe, Arizona] and from there here through kindness of Heber [Heber Johnson], son of Bro F. B. Johnson [Brother Franklin Benjamin Johnson]. I had telegraphed Bro Robsen [Brother Robison ?] from San Francisco [San Francisco, California] on the night of the 11th [Wednesday 11 Feb 1885] but dispatch reached him on the 14th [Saturday 14 Feb 1885] at 2 pm. He drove to Maricopa [Maricopa, Arizona] after I had reached Phoenix [Phoenix, Arizona] and returned here yesterday—Sunday [15 Feb 1885]—and found me at meeting. I talked to the saints both in the afternoon and evening, an excellent Spirit prevailing. Hold meeting tomorrow evening [Tuesday 17 Feb 1885] at Tempe [Tempe, Arizona] and at Jonesville [Jonesville, Arizona – now Mesa, Arizona] on Wednesday evening 18 Feb 1885].

Bro. F. D. Richards [Brother Franklin D. Richards] met me at Brigham City [Brigham City, Utah] on Sunday 8th inst [instant – 8 Feb 1885] with letters of instructions and Eastern exchange on Messers Kruntzo and Bros N.G. [Brothers] for $16,120.00 $3500.00 furnished by Trustee in Trust, balance of the Stakes. Also authority, as needed, to draw through Wells Fargo on T in T [Trustee in Trust] for $1500.00. Balance of $20,000.00 being $2380.00 to be furnished by the four stakes in Arizona. But I am informed that nothing has been done in this one, the people feeling that they have all they can do to meet the drafts upon them attending their defense in the courts here. They have engaged legal firms to defend the 9 cases @ [at] $2500.00 with the understanding that for each case not tried, by reason of absence or death $200.00 is to be deducted. Other parties liable have made themselves scarse [scarce]. Bishop Stewart’s Gentile Bondsman becoming uneasy because of rumors afloat about parties being liable to abscond, withdrew and the Bishop had to appear and furnish new bonds for same amount. While their [there] seems to be no special adverse public opinion here the general impression seems to be that the “issue is on trial, and polygamy like slavery, must go.” This feeling is apparent everywhere among outsiders. I have tryed [tried] to crowd as much information in this as I could knowing your interest in pending matters. The Legislature as far as I can learn have made as yet no anti Mormon [Anti-Mormon] movement. Write me under cover to Jos H. Marksman [Joseph H. Marksman] St David [St. David, Arizona] and I will get it on my return from Mexico. With love and praying for you and yours. I am your fellow laborer and friend. Moses Thatcher