[On letterhead stationery]




Rates $2.00 and $2.50 per day

Corner Santa Fe Avenue and Fifth Street.

Pueblo, Colorado

Jan 5 1885 [Monday 5 Jan 1885]

Fifth Avenue

Dear Son Erastus B. Snow. St. George [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853 St. George, Utah]

To save writing over again what I have just said to Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831] I enclose it for your perusal and for Minerva [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822] if she choose and then hand it to Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831]. Luckily Sith Pym handed me $30.00 as I was gitting [getting] into the Buggy to start from house and a statement showing a Ballance [balance] of $23.44 due which you will take when paid as he said they would soon pay balance [balance]. I wish you to say to David H. Cannon [David Henry Cannon, b. 1838 – see http://www.davidhcannon.org/ ] that if he still wishes to take that 4x6 rods of south East corner of 4 Block 25 next Stone correll [corral], I would like the cash or as much as he can readily command and wish you to git [get] with it a check on Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] either through Eyring or W. L. & J. and run it to B. H. Schetler cashier Zions Savings Bank. With instructions to credit same on my note. I wish you also to say at once to A. P. Hardy that if the Washington field [Washington, Utah] farmers of St. George [St. George, Utah] respond to Eyrings call, which he promised me to make, and join in guaranteeing the completion of road from Bridge to field along Cunningham Ditch, that I will guarantee my share or fifty Dollars [[$50.00] if necessary. And when Hardy [A. P. Hardy] is ready to begin the works as he ought immediately you can hire or get Tony [Anthony Woodward Ivins, b. 1852] to hire Two or more Indians on my account and pay fifty cents [$.50 – 50 cents] cash or store and Board. Commit to commissary for their board all carrots they want from Julias [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow, b. 1837] and a few Potatoes, flour, Molasses and a little meat etc. I think the farmers who contribute to complete the road should also have any advantage there may be from the $500 county scrip to be issued on it. So if you are required to furnish for me or my boys any Blasting Material or to pay for same we should have county scrip at cash rates in lieu thereof as also for any money paid Indians & other workmen. I want you & Orson [Orson Pratt Snow, b. 1860] to look out for 60 to 70 good cedar Posts to fence orchard on the hill, either select from wood piles or contract for hauling or have Orson [Orson Pratt Snow, b. 1860] cut & haul them. If Tony [Anthony Woodward Ivins, b. 1852] can sell or Trade my Frank horse soon and save his keep he may do so and turn Dall out with his horses as one team is all we shall be able to use and feed. Let Orson [Orson Pratt Snow, b. 1860] leave Nells colt at Barn with Kate and wean it so he can come with Nell & Charlie to meet me at Milford [Milford, Utah] on my return and with light waggon [wagon] bring home fence wire, piping, windows, Doors, Grates etc for Libbies [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] house. I hope you will have secured from the T. Office [Tithing Office] what Lumber, Lath, shingles etc. [are] requird for it, at least for the leanto and see Fred Blake and secure on the Boys account that Two thousand [2000] in such lumber as needed for south Porch, partition across south upper room & part Portico etc so it can be had as soon after winter Brakes [breaks] as it can be hauled. And if he prefers hauling let him do it. If Orson [Orson Pratt Snow, b. 1860] has not finished hauling manure on the gardens tell him to do so as soon as practicable and either Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] or he Plow it under immediately with Nell and garden Plow. The manure on the gates [Jacob Gates ?] lot or at the stable & correll [corral] should be put on that lot including some well rotted spread on Lucerne. Tell Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow, b. 1847] I thought of him and rest of you celebrating his birth day yesterday [Sunday 4 Jan 1885] as I was crossing Marshall Pass [Marshall Pass, Colorado]. I Pray God to bless and comfort him & watch over us all. Till we meet again which I hope soon.

Yours etc. Erastus Snow.

P.S. Tell Minerva [Minerva White Snow, b. 1822] I will write her soon if not today. Mean time [meantime] let her have what store pay she needs for Butter or other things and of course some of the Pork & Corned Beef flour etc. E. S. [Erastus Snow]

I saw the Boys at Provo both as I went to city [Salt Lake City, Utah] and again on my return Saturday [3 Jan 1885] & George Albert [George Albert Snow, b. 1863]

at Milford [Milford, Utah]. You must open and answer such letters as seem to require it. E. S. [Erastus Snow]