[On letterhead stationery]




Rates $2.00 and $2.50 per day

Corner Santa Fe Avenue and Fifth Street.

Pueblo, Colorado

Jan 5 1885 [Monday 1885-01-05]

Fifth Avenue

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow 1831-1915] as you will see from date hereof I am in the same Hotel from which we took our evenings ride to visit the Steel works south of Pueblo [Pueblo, Colorado]. When I landed in President Taylors office [President John Taylor] Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah] on Saturday 3d inst [instant 3 Jan 1885] at half past Ten A. M. [10:30 am] I found I was too late by about four hours. He had started as Bro Nuttall [L. John Nuttall] told me at 7 A. M. [7 am] that morning for this place and Southern Arrizona [Arizona] in Supt John Sharps [railroad] car via Denver accompanied by George Reynolds, John Sharp, Elders Lyman [Frances M. Lyman] & Thatcher [Moses Thatcher] of the Apostles [Quorum of the Twelve Apostles] and one or two others. That they had heard nothing deffinate [definite] from me whether I had even started from home; They sent to inquire after me at Annies [Anna Beckstrom Snow] both the previous night and again that morning and both Nuttall [L. John Nuttal] and H. J. Grant [Heber J. Grant] said I could catch them here by taking the D. & R. G. [Denver and Rio Grande Railroad] Trains that would leave in Twenty minutes [20 minutes], so without waiting to go onto the Hill I jumped in a Buggy and catched [caught] the train a few minutes before it pulled out. My annual Pass which I received from Mr. Eccles of the D. & R. G. [Denver and Rio Grande Railroad] just before leaving home carried me only to the Grand Junction [Grand Junction, Colorado], but at that point I received a Telegraphic Pass through Bro Spencers intercession which brought me safe here last night and on enquiry [inquiry] here I found that Sharps Broad Gauge car could not come from Denver on the narrow gauge night Train but must wait for the A. T & S. [Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad ?] Thunderbolt Train which will arrive here at 4:50 P. M. [4:50 PM] today. So you see I am Twenty four hours [24 hours] ahead and possibly I might have spent that time in Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah], although I am not sorry I came yesterday as it was a beautifull [beautiful] clear day and the Marshall Pass [Marshall Pass, Colorado] Clear of Snow, But today it is storming liable to be Blocked at it was for several days during the last storm. I found no necties [neck ties] among my clothes so I have been out this morning and bought me a Black nectie [neck tie] and pants & vest to go with my coat so I can appear decent among my brethren. As yet I do not know how long we shall be gone but probably a month, will likely visit the Little Colorado settlements and those on the Ghile [Gila River, Arizona ], San Pedro [San Pedro River, Arizona] & Salt River [Salt River, Arizona] & possibly down to Guymas in Sonora [Guymas, Sonora, Mexico] on the California Gulf [Gulf of California]  Whether we will return same way or by California Depends upon whether the California Roads [railroads] will take the Bishops car. I trust Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] is home all right. It was a raw day we parted and a cold north Breeze which we faced all the way to Milford [Milford, Utah]. Tell him to get his tugs sewed at Harness shop and have Bro [Brother] Cleaver wash my Buggy and run it in Carriage House and on Saturday when he can do so bring up my flour from the field and put in Carriage house and bring up the cotton would [cottonwood] that is fallen down in the field.  If Pym [John Pymm ?] sends me a Barrel from Smelter as he promised either you or Julia [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow, b. 1837] can use it for Salting Pork as needed or keep it in Back celler [cellar]. God Bless and preserve You all. Erastus Snow.