Salt Lake City Utah [Salt Lake City, Utah]

November 19th 1884 [Wednesday 19 Nov 1884]

Elder Erastus Snow

St George [St. George, Utah]

Dear Brother Snow

Remembering I have promised you that I would write after my return from Wyoming, I do so now with pleasure. Within a few days after reaching home I received request from President Taylor [President John Taylor] to accompany him and part to the SanPete Conference [SanPete, Utah Quarterly Conference] from which we returned last evening [Tuesday 18 Nov 1884]. Had an excellent time.

Regarding my Mission and trip Northeast I am glad to say – the former was, I believe, entirely successful, while the former [latter ?] was exceedingly pleasant; the weather, with the exception of a disagreeable rain storm encountered at Paris Bear Lake [Paris, Idaho near Bear Lake, Utah] was very fine, while the brethren who accompanied me were in every way agreeable. Since returning I have made my report to the President [President John Taylor], and he appears well satisfied with my efforts. Peace prevails among our Lamanite friends who express a willingness, thogh somewhat reluctantly, to observe Counsel. They have been much distirbed and at one time were pretty includned to commit overt acts against those who they regard as their oppressors. Somewhat better feeling now prevails; thanks to the Counsels giho [?] Lords through His Servant. I myself work [?] much on this matter but prefer to wait until I see [?] Personally.

All kinds of frauds [?] were committed at the polls in Oneida County [Oneida, Idaho] at the recent election, but our friends feel confident that several precints will be thrown out because of frauds that can be clearly shown by many witnesses, and thus make matters here Satisfactory. It is thought also that Crawford & others will be vigorously prosecuted for the Criminal Course persued by them in stiffing [stuffing] ballot boxes and make fraudulent returns.

On the election of Cleavland and Hendricks and the Principle of Democracy I think we may extend mutual Congratulations. Anyhow permit me say that I think the change can be only for the better. I trust that your health continues to improve, and that you are enjoying the Society of your family. With Sincere regards I am your friend and brother in the Gospel

Moses Thatcher