Milford Station, March 17 1884 [Milford, Utah Monday 17 Mar 1884]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831] I was very glad to get your answer this morning that you will come with Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins] & her children, four [for] several reasons. First because I felt it would do you good to get away from the cares of home and help to recruit your health and secondly Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] would need you to help her with the children on the Journey, and thirdly I wanted to see you badley [badly] and thought you would be such a comfort to myself. And it seemed a hard trip home and back by April 1st [Tuesday 1 Apr 1884] in the present horrible condition of the roads and such catching weather besides my brethren in Salt Lake [Salt Lake City] have been constantly drawing upon of late by their faith, that I should not go home but remain and help before work for the conference [April General Conference] and the future dedication of Logan Temple [Dedicated Saturday 17 May 1884]. Yet despite all I had drawn out a reluctant permision [permission] last Saturday [8 Mar 1884] to go home if I found on ariving [arriving] here [Milford, Utah], roads & circumstances favourable [favorable] for so doing and I could be back by April first [Tuesday 1 Apr 1884]. I had however promised Sister Emma [Emma Adelaide Gates Snow, b. 1862] two weeks ago to take her with us & had notified her of my time of starting and found her ready & eagerly expecting it on my arrival at Provo [Provo, Utah] together with Willie [William Spencer Snow, b. 1867] who was almost dieing [dying] with homesickness and he had just recieved [received] a letter from his mother [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow, b. 1837] begging him to come for she needed his help and was herself quite poorly from cold & rheumatism and Amelia [Amelia Snow, b. 1871] also so I allowed them to come, thinking I could get Willie [William Spencer Snow, b. 1867] on with Bro. Jos Andrus [Joseph Andrus] who had told me in the city [Salt Lake City] he would start from here [Milford, Utah] this morning- or with Frank Gates who was starting home from Beaver [Beaver, Utah], but Andrus [Joseph Andrus] failed to come and Frank [Frank Gates] was with a load of St. George Juryman & full and on coming here I found nobody here from the south, not a team going that way. I looked round & enquired [inquired] after a Two seated Buggy, but none in the place & Andrus [Joseph Andrus] was only a small one-seated vehicle, so when your Telegram arrived saying you would come with Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] it settled my feelings and I determined to send Willie [William Spencer Snow, b. 1867] with the Women & I would return to duty untill [until] time to start down again to meet you next Friday week [Friday 21 Mar 1884]. It has been fine a morning since they started and the mud drying up, and as they will only go to Minersville [Minersville, Utah] today, I hope by tomorrow [Saturday 15 Mar 1884] they will find improved road. Now for your Journey up- If you can persuade Moroni [Moroni Snow, b. 1858] to come or Bro Eyring inclines to take passage with you probably he will consent to take his Inspected carriage which is broad & light and will afford ample room, otherwise you may have to take Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] from School, but It seems a pitty [pity] to do so, and his passage from Milford [Milford, Utah] to Salt Lake [Salt Lake City] & back will cost money, which is scarce with me. If Bro Eyring wants Ashby [Ashby Snow, b. 1867] in the Store I should like him to go now or anytime he is needed. Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] will have to get Charlies [their horse] front shoes reset & feet faired [?] & shorted up & perhaps some with Frank [another horse] & maybe all their feet. Tell him to arrange with the Smith to do it Saturday [22 Mar 1884]. I let Willie [William Spencer Snow, b. 1867] take home my small canvas valise which you or Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] can get & use up if needed & I have still another in Salt Lake [Salt Lake City]. If you all come in my Buggy with Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] for teamster, little Toney [Anthony Woodward Ivins, b. 1879] will need a footstool to set [sit] on in front of you- take overshoes to provide against rain or mud and reasonably warm clothing, but no more baggage than is needed. as you will not have room for it. Valises except yours must go under seats or in hind box- you can of course come with the big back if you choose & have enough to justify. If Toney [Anthony Woodward Ivins, b. 1879] & Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] desire to return with us about the 12th April [Saturday 12 Apr 1884], we shall need a Two seated carriage- If not I can let E. W. [Erastus White Snow, b. 1849] & Magge [Margaret Alice McBride, b. 1853] come up to Milford [Milford, Utah] with Buggy later [latter] part of April & Toney [Anthony Woodward Ivins, b. 1879] & Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] return with it. I doubt now if Flora [Florence Snow, b. 1856] comes before April or May [Apr 1884 or May 1884]. How have you got along for wood during the bad weather? See that Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] [?] horses well & gets enough to last you to Kanarrah [Kanarah, Utah] and you replenish at

[written in margin]

Cedar tithing office & at James [?] in Parragona [Paragonah]. You should start so as to reach Leeds [Leeds, Utah] Tuesday [24 Mar 1884] & Kanarah [Kanarah, Utah] Wednesday [25 Mar 1884] and to

[written in margin at top of first page]

Parrawon [Parowan, Utah] or Parragona [Paragonah, Utah] Thursday [27 Mar 1884] & Beaver [Beaver, Utah] Friday 28th inst. [instant Friday 28 Mar 1884] Love to you and Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] and all the other children God bless you all and give you a prosperous Journey & each of us a happy greeting. May Georgia [Georgiana Snow, b. 1862] have health to bear the home burdens or be able to find suitable help. Josephine [Josephine Snow, b. 1859] & Mary [Mary Louisa Snow, b. 1856 ?] returned to Provo [Provo, Utah] last night. On same train that brought us to Milford. Dora [Dora Crooks Pratt Snow, b. 1860] looks for confinement latter past of this month [Mar 1884] all well. I stayed [?] today with Charley Chintors [?] & wife. He is working in this office I suppose Martha [Martha Ellen Snow, b. 1865] is as busy as a bee in School and as happy as a clam in high water. Poor Clarence [Clarence Snow, b. 1874], I suppose he will want to come with you but you will know best if he can or ought to come – daughted [?] Your affectionate husband

Erastus Snow [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]