Salt Lake City Jan 19th 1884 [Salt Lake City, Utah Saturday 19 Jan 1884]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831] I have felt anxious about you ever since I left home, suffering as you had been with headaches & those pains in your neck for several days before I left. I was glad to learn however yesterday from Josephines [Josephine Snow, b. 1859] letter and telegram that you were in your usual health again. In talking with your sister Harriet [Harriet Maria Ashby] about your oft infirmaties [infirmities], she said she used to suffer much in a simmilar [similar] manner, but had cured herself by the use of Packs, beginning with tepid water and afterwards [afterward] colder as she could bear it, until her nerves became strong and braced up and her headaches and pains in her neck and spine had ceased [?]. She also recommends abandoning tea and such nerve stimulants as a rule.

I have seen nearly all your family and find all in good condition. Saw Susan [Susan Ann Ashby] at the Sunday School Party at 13th Ward assembly rooms. Thursday [17 Jan 1884] night also Julia & Lucy [Lucy Simmons Snow, b. 1855]. The former is assistant teacher in that ward. Louisa [Louisa Beman, b. 1815 ?] looks well and her babe fat as also all her children. I hoped Benjamin & Annie would have been ready to go to St. George [St. George, Utah] and I left my team at Milford [Milford, Utah] for their use, but I went up yesterday to see them and found them just moved into their new house only recently plastered and looking quite comfortable, but Annie thought she could not leave her children now to go to St. George [St. George, Utah] and then [he] was not ready but thought he might be when I return, which I hope will be in February [Feb 1884]. I saw Georgiana [Georgiana Snow, b. 1861] who looks fat and hearty and is attending school in the little brick school house close bye [by]. Johnny is with Grandma Stringham going to School. Nattie still working at the mill near home. Mary is quite well with family and feeling well so Louisa told me. Tell Lyla & Babe [?], Georgianna [Georgiana Snow, b. 1861] sends love to them and says their ma has got into their new house built of lumber a little above the old one.

So Josephine [Josephine Snow, b. 1859] has concluded to go to Provo [Provo, Utah] - well I don’t blame her for wanting a change. I hope it will be a happy one. But Mary [Mary Brown Snow, b. 1875] is she also preparing for a better teacher, or shying away from herself and friends, least she be farmed out - might as well be brave and enjoy herself at home. Well I must go to Provo [Provo, Utah] first of the week [Monday 21 Jan 1884] and fit up a place for them. I am thinking of taking a spin up to Ogden [Ogden, Utah] this afternoon to Stake Conference [Ogden Stake Quarterly Conference Jan 1884]. I hope to arrange for your coveted house before I return to St. George [St. George, Utah] - Love to Libbie [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] & all the other girls & boys as well as yourself as ever your, E. Snow [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]