Salt Lake City Oct. 9th/83 [Salt Lake City, Utah Tuesday 9 Oct 1883]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831] I snatch a few moments between councils [Quorum of the Twelve Apostles meetings] to draft a few lines to you to let you and rest of my dear family know of my welfare & labors.

I have been busy as usual as well before conference [October General Conference 1883] and during & since conference and the weather has been very fluctuating and I have been some what [somewhat] effected [affected] by the sudden changes and colds in my head consequent lack of quiet rest and constant attendance at meetings and councils have worn upon me some, but the heavy pressure of our public business will soon be over and I trust also the weather become more settled. The usual oprimoxal [?] storm is upon us & has been with slight moderations for over a week.

I have got Franks [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] horse & buggy to carry me around which much lightens my labor

We are stoping [stopping] on the hill & Jeddie Gotes is also stoping [stopping] there with George Albert [George Albert Snow, b. 1863], Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] & Willard [Willard Snow, b. 1853] & Dora [Dora Crooks Pratt Snow, b. 1860] dined with us yesterday all well except Chester [Chester Snow, b. 1881] who has been teething and had a cronic diorheah [chronic diarrhea].

Willard [Willard Snow, b. 1853] went back to his labor in Provo [Provo, Utah] this morning and Dora [Dora Crooks Pratt Snow, b. 1860] is visiting Lucy [Lucy Simmons Snow, b. 1855] today at sister Simons [Rachel Woolley Simons] and will go home tomorrow [Wednesday 10 Oct 1883]. Frank [Franklin Richards Snow, b. 1854] & Bro. H. Pratt [Helaman Pratt] are expecting to start for Mexico on or about the 20th inst [instant – Saturday 20 Oct 1883].

Your Brothers Benjamin [Benjamin Ashby], William [William Hardin Ashby] & John [John Jefford Ashby] were all at the conference [October General Conference 1883]. the latter is ready to start on his mission to the Northwestern States to visit friends in Massachusets [Massachusetts]. He feels well about his mission I dined last Friday [5 Oct 1883] with your sister Harriet [Harriet Maria Ashby] and Louisa & Maria was [were] also down from Ogden [Ogden, Utah]. all well, though Louisa had a poor summer and shows it but her babe is fat and fine. Have dined also once with Heber [Heber J. Grant] & Lucy [Lucy Stringham Grant – see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heber_J._Grant ]; they are same as usual Susie Jacobs also there. Have not seen Susan nor have I heard any thing deffinate [definite] from George & Mary. Kate had fled again with a Paramor to parts unknown. My sister Melissa [Melissa Diantha Snow Clinton, b. 1826] gone to San Francisco [San Francisco, California] to stay a while with Lucina [Lucina Melissa Clinton, b. 1853] but exactly what they are about is not clear to my mind. Charly [Charles V. Clinton ?] is married and at his old place at Provo [Provo, Utah]. Levi [Levi Mason White Snow, b. 1861] is also there working for Bro. Jones & boarding with Willard [Willard Snow, b. `853]. I called on Bro. Jacob & Mary [Jacob Gates, b. 1811 and Mary Minerva Snow, b. 1813] at the new but little old home. Quite a change from their [?] but trust it will not be an unhappy change. I may be able to start home in a week or ten days [Tuesday 16 Oct 1883 to Friday 19 Oct 1883]. Write me at once and if you want me to get you ? & material for it - tell me. Love to you and all the children. Erastus Snow [Erastus Snow, b. 1818]