St. George Dec 31 1882 [St. George, Utah Sunday 31 Dec 1882]

	My Dearly beloved Husband

The family have just returned from meeting and while they are eating dinner I have come into libby's [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] room to be alone and write a few lines to you   I will commence by wishing you a happy New Year   we had rather a sad Christmas [Monday 25 Dec 1882] as we buried Mahonri's [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] babe on that day and had burried [buried] Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow] but a few days before [Thursday 21 Dec 1882]   I presume you have heard the paticulars [particulars] of her Heath [health] before this time   poor sufferrer [sufferer]   we were all glad to see her depart and rest in peace but we feel we have lost all [?] other Sister Counseler [counselor] and friend   when I look up to that forsaken house I can hardly realise [realize] that she has gone   Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] was in this forenoon   siad [said] he had to come here instead of his mothers   George A [George Albert Snow] is staying with us   has not disided [decided] wether [whether] to go north again this winter or not

Orson [Orson Pratt Snow] is staying at Minervas [Minerva White Snow]   James [James Snow] is at E W [Erastus White Snow]   Missia [Artimesia Snow] is begining [beginning] to be a little rested   she has been here a few days & serving and getting Georgiana [Georgiana Snow] and to help her   Mahonri and wife [[Mahonri Moriancumr Snow and Cornelia Lytle Snow] Erastus B and wife [Erastus Beman Snow and Elida Crosby Snow] Dan and Missia [Daniel Seegmiller and Artimesia Snow Seegmiller] took dinner with us christmas [Christmas] day [Monday 25 Dec 1882]   the rest of  Artimesias [Artimesia Beman Snow] Children were invited out at different places   there has been a great deal of sickness here this winter   there has been as many as a dosen [dozen 12] deaths within two weeks   nearly every family have had the measles and where there has been children and where the children have not been very strong it has proved fatal   we have had six [6] cases here   elane [Elaine ?] came down with it first   then the two little girls   Dilworth [Erastus Dilworth Woolley ?] next and then libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins] & two children [Anthony Woodward Ivins and Antoine Ridgway Ivins ?]  they have all got along with it very well   libby & children [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins and Anthony Woodward Ivins and Antoine Ridgway Ivins] have been out of her room today for the first time   I have been very busy all winter   our family numbers fourteen without counting Flora [Florence Snow] a child   they have been here one month   they expect to start home day after tomorrow [Tuesday 2 Jan 1883]

Br Nibley expects to stay one week longer   there is a Gentleman here from Elrose [?] a Mr Saunders   I do not know how long he will stay   he seems much pleased with the place and people and I believe has sent for his wife who is in St. Louis [St. Louis, Missouri]   I did not see the school teacher   do not know where he is boarding   Artie [Herbert Hammond Snow] is attending school   says he likes him better than Shoppman [?]

My health has bee [been] tolerable good although I know I am working a little too hard as I have done all my housework and my washing and ironing with very little help    Georgi [Georgiana Snow] has been kept busy with the sewing as I have no time   Br. Johns daughter has been with [us] a few weeks    she and her father and Levi [Levi Mason White Snow ?] went north on the stage yesterday morning [Saturday 30 Dec 1882]   we hear often from the children in provo [Provo, Utah]   they are getting along very well    Moroni [Moroni Snow] and Hadda [?] have just come in   she is having teeth ache and Neuralgia   two of Erastus B's [Erastus Beman Snow] children are just down with measels [measles]   Br. Eyring's youngest child died last night   also Br. Michell who lived with Lucy B Young  Br Henry Miller is not expected to live   he seems to be partly parelised [paralyzed]   he cannot speak    
Lizzy Adams McFarlane Burred [buried] her babe Thursday [28 Dec 1882 ?]  hoping to hear from you soon I am as ever your effectionate [affectionate] wife  Elizabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]