Friday eve

St. George Dec 22, 1882 [St. George, Utah Friday 22 Dec 1882]

My dear & beloved companion,

We have just returned from the grave this afternoon where we have laid your dear & affectionate

Wife [Artimesia Beman Snow] untill [until] the morning of the resection [resurrection]. I have lost a sister, a Mother, for a little season, but death cannot sever the strong ties that binds [bind] our hearts together, she [Artimesia Beman Snow] departed this life on the 21st at half past twelve in the morning [Thursday 21 Dec 1882], she suffered very much for a couple of days, and for two days or more were looking for her to leave us every hour, we all became reconciled to let her go and prayed for Father to take her home, it was such a struggle for her spirit to leave her body for three days and nights Missie [Artimesia Snow] nor myself did not have our clothes off and all her sons by our side, they received your letter last evening, after the grave was dug, it was very comforting to receive your lines Just at that time, and it would have been a comfort to me, as well as her children, to have had you present, but it is all right, you are doing the work Father has sent you to do, we buried her in the corner of the old lot [now St. George City Cemetery near corner of Tabernacle and 600 East], where I want to lie beside you & her when our time comes to go, and there I want to rise with you & her in the morning of the resection [resurrection], if I am worthy, every thing [everything] was arranged nice and orderly at the funeral, was taken to the Tabernickle [Tabernacle], and very good remarks made by all that spoke, and very comforting to the family she needed no praise, to show what her life had been, her works spoke for themselves. I have had many thoughts and reflections while setting by her bed in the last two weeks, my mind went back to the time when I gave myself to you, I traversed her life from that time untill [until] the last hour of her life and I said in my heart, a more just faithful, patient, self sacrificing person never lived upon this earth a faithful Wife, a noble Mother, it was a struggle to let her go, I almost felt I wanted to go with her Oh! the ties that bound our hearts together, last evening [Thursday 21 Dec 1882] the boys decided they would all feel better to return from the grave, and have supper together at her house, so Sister Ida got the supper while we were gone to the grave, and all her children, myself and my boys took supper together as they wished, and Aunt Mary [Mary Minerva Snow Gates?] with us, they talked over affairs together and the children decided to close up the house, untill [until] your return, they gave Orson [Orson Pratt Snow] his choise [choice] where to go, with any of his brothers or with me, he said he believed he would come with his Aunt Minerva [Minerva White Snow], they all offered to give Anna [Anna beckstrom ? Anna Hansen ?] a home, it was decided that Missie [Artimesia Snow Woolley] talk with her and find out her choice. E W [Erastus White Snow] offered to take her untill [until] your return, if it met the feelings of the boys & her feelings, and they all felt there was a good home, and was needed the most, as the rest all had girls, but she was not present to hear the conversating [conerwation] and Missie [Artimesia Snow Woolley] is to talk with her to night [tonight], so we at sundown all seperated [separated], to our homes, and Orson [Orson Pratt Snow – age 22] came with me - poor boy, he will miss his Mother, as they all will. George [George Albert Snow] & Levi [Levi Mason White Snow] have been here two weeks, so glad he came (Levi [Levi Mason White Snow]) has been doing [a] little work in the Temple, they think of going back soon, been a great deal of sickness in St. George [St. George, Utah] this winter, measels [measles] and some few children died Doras [Dora Crooks Pratt Snow] were very sick, but got better Libbies [Elizabeth Ashby Ivins] Flories [Florence Snow Woolley] Fred all had it Maggies [Maggie May Snow], E B [Erastus Beman ?] just coming down

all Julias [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow] over it Mahonris [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] but left their babe very bad Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] looks nearly worn out, up so much nights, I wrote you at Benson [Benson, Cache, Utah ?], but it seemed by your letter to the boys you did not get it. I have not been in the Temple but one day since you left have been very sick all the time & it seems, I have never had a half hour rest, first to Maggies [Maggie Snow McBride ?] Saras & Artimesias [Artimesia Beman Snow] but the Lord has given me strength and I have leaned on him, how I would like to see you this evening, write me as often as you can, and if you get the letter I sent to Benson [Benson, Cache, Utah], from your loving Wife M W Snow [Minerva White Snow]

[in margins]

Sister Ide stopped with us to help take care of Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow] the last two weeks, and been very kind, Brother and Sister Morris have been very kind indeed, send some comforting words to them Brother Morris stopped all night with us the two last nights she lived [Tuesday and Wednesday 19 and 20 Dec 1882].

Please excuse my poor writing for I am tired.

[On envelope Manti Postmark [Manti, Sanpete, Utah]

E. Fairbanks [Erastus Snow]

Calle de Puente del San Pedro

Y san Pablo, No 3

Care of Helaman Pratt


City of Mexico [Mexico, Distrito Federal]

From Minerva W. Snow [Minerva White Snow] Aug 15th/85 [Saturday 15 Aug 1885 ?]

received 26th in Mexico [Tuesday 26 Dec 1882]

[dates don’t correspond ?]