St George Dec 10, 82 [St. George, Utah Sunday 10 Dec 1882]

My dear affectionate Husband,

Last evenings [Saturday 9 Dec 1882] mail brought your welcome letter to Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow], and enclosed a few lines to myself, many thanks, when I have had time to let my mind go to you, how my heart has longed for one word from your precious hand, one word of comfort, one word to strengthen, & encourage me, yet I know and can feel I have had your faith and prayers, it seemed so strange to me when you left, and the peculiar feelings I had when you and Willard [Willard Snow] drove from me, I gazed after you, and in my heart I says [said] Oh, Father prepare me for what lies before me for far thou knowest, it seems to me as though you left in perfect silence, every thing in rush and hurry, no chance of saying one word, it seemed as though there was to be a silence, and yet I felt your heart was full, well after you left home I endeavoured [endeavored] to spend what time I could with Missia [Artimesia Snow], in taking care of her dear Mother [Artimesia Beman Snow] then two of Missia’s [Artimesia Beman Snow] children were taken at home with the measels [measles], then in a few nights she brought Missie [Artimesia Snow] up with her said she coughed so hard, did not like to leave her, the next morning, it proved to be the measels [measles], and she was very bad for a few days, hard work to get them out, so I kept Missie [Artimesia Beman Snow] running back and forth, and a great deal of anxiety but they got through all right, in a few days Willard [Willard Snow] came over and said little Dora was down, but they could not get them out, I went over found her very sick, and continued for several days, I felt I could not leave Missie [Artimesia Snow] altogether so I was running back and forth, doing all I could, in a few mornings, here came Erastus [Erastus White Snow] after me saying Maggie [Maggie May Snow] was sick, of course I had to go there, she gave birth to a fine daughter went after the nurse they had engaged behold her family all down with the measels [measles] E W [Erastus White Snow] went this town over and over and could get no one, I hardly think there is a family that has escaped this sickness, there has not been enough to nurs [nurse] the sick, and of course the result was I had to leave Missie [Artimesia Snow], and go and take care of Maggie [Maggie May Snow], the Junie [?] came down with them, then the babe, and has not got over them yet. Junie [?] got along very well, & the babe is doing very well so far. E W [Erastus White Snow] had a poor spell since you left but, I think is feeling torable [tolerable] well now, Maggie [Maggie May Snow] getting along well, Missie [Artimesia Snow] hearing Dan [Daniel Seegmiller ?] was coming, Missie [Artimesia Snow] got Sister Ida [?] to stop with her Mother, I think she is doing very well, and is very attentive to her, about four days agoe [ago] [Wednesday 6 Dec 1882] I got Sister Peterson to leave the Temple and go up and stay with Maggie [Maggie May Snow] until to night, and to day I have got Sister Krons [?] daughter to go and stop with her for I felt I must be more with Artimesia [Artimesia Snow] as she seemed to be failing, and last week we did not know but what she might leave us soon, Dan [Daniel Seegmiller ?] Dee & Flora [Florence Snow] all came, of course Missie [Artimesia Snow] is back and forth, now some of us have to sit up and watch her nights I sat up with her night before last [Friday 8 Dec 1882], she seemed weak but rested torable [tolerable] well, had not power to help herself scarcely any, but last night it was distressing to see her, little after dark, sister Ida went to light the lamp and give the medicine for her head, when all of a sudden she rose up, and told her she would not take it for she wanted to kill her, and told her to leave the house for she would not have her there any longer, (always before, she had seemed to take to her) sis Ida stepped into the other room, thinking she would soon forget it, but no sooner had she stepped to the door, then she bounced out of bed into her rocking chair commanding sis Ida to leave, they sent a child to my house & for the boys, Levi [Levi Mason Snow] and me started and when we reached there E B [Erastus Beman Snow] Frank [Franklin Richards Snow] and George were there, had got her into bed but she was raving, they had to scold her and command her to stop, they sent for Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] Dan [Daniel Seegmiller ?] Dee EB [Erastus Beman Snow] Frank [Franklin Richards Snow] George & Levi [Levi Mason Snow] all administered to her and Dan [Dan Seegmiller] was mouth, all the time I felt an impression it should be Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow], it quieted her a little, we all staid [stayed] about half an hour after Mahonri [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] was pacing the floor, he says we will administer to Mother [Artimesia Beman Snow] again, before we seperate [separate], he was mouth, and he rebuked the evil spirits, with power that thrilled your whole body, and they seemed to soon leave, her feet prosterated [prostrated], was very quiet through the night, and today has been very quiet, left there at dark, to stop home to night, she was sleeping quiet. Oh, Father I never could get faith she was going to recover from the first, but when I thought of her leaving us I could hardly bring my feelings to it, but for the last week she has been loosing [losing] her mind fast, and when I saw her in the condision [condition] she was last night, I felt to say Father take her home, and think her children felt so, your letter was read to her but she did not seem to sence [sense] it, she knows for a moment then her mind is gone, it seems dreadful to me, to see her in this state, her appetite seems good, well, you must, excuse my writing and putting together of this letter, for my mind is nearly distracted, have been carrying E W [Erastus White Snow] family, Willards [Willard Snow] & Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow] day and night, since you left, no one but myself knows what I have carried but you know what I carry in times of sickness, and I cannot lie down and rest and throw it of [off], I must be working, but shurley [surely] the Lord has given me strength so far, pray for me that I may be enabled to keep up and do what I desire to I have not told you that last week, the boys thought it best to send for George Albert [George Albert Snow] and Levi [Levi Mason Snow] came with him, which is a comfort to me, he thinks of going back about Christmas, Arta [Arta d'Crista Young] & Susie [Susan Snow] are in their new house, little Charter has had the measels [measles] and got about over them, but is cutting his stomach & eye teeth, Willard [Willard Snow] just came in says he is quite sick to night, puking & purging, Mahonri’s [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] babe very sick, Libbies [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] had the measels [measles], one thing we feel very thankfull [thankful] for out of all the sickness only two dies Charleys babe, and Hendricks sister Bentley died last week, you say you have got some Fortegraphs [photographs] taken of course one for me, and cant [can't] you send our dear Susie [Susan Snow] one, she will appreciate it so, and if you get one of brother Thachers [Moses Thatcher] rescue one for me, for I think there must be a strong attachment between you & him after taking such a journey and in after years it will be a pleasure to gaze upon these men who have associated closely with you. Here I wish to ask if you deem me worthy, and the way opens, that you can get me a nice Ladys [lady's] watch bring when you come, I should appreciate it so much and ever cherish and retain it as a gift from your hand, I know of nothing I really need worse, holding meetings in the stake as I do, I never know how to time my meetings, well I must close, praying the Lord to bless you & brother Thacher [Moses Thatcher] on your journey, and return you safe home. Sister Peterson sends kind regards receive to night [tonight] letters from E R S [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow], E B Wells, they send kind regards to you. From your loving wife, M W S [Minerva White Snow]