[Friday 19 May 1882]

My Dear Husband

	Yours of the 7th inst [instant – Sunday 7 May 1882] was recieved several days ago and was glad to hear from you for I had felt very anxious about you fearing you would not be sufishently [sufficiently] carefull [careful] and fall into the hands of those wicked men    but I am glad you have been preserved thus far and are permitted to travel around among the people    all is peace and [?] here at present but do not know how long it will last    we hear the Marshals are at Kanab [Kanab, Utah]   Jade [Jake - Jacob Gates, b. 1811 ?] will keep you posted if there is anything 

Mr Sanders is still here   will leave sunday [21 May 1882]   George Murdock and Barlow Furgason [Barlow Ferguson] and wives with Julia Farnsworth little daughter left here this morning    they were married yesterday [Thursday 18 May 1882] in the temple.    Georges [George Murdock] wife is Plilos [?]    sister Josephine [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow, b. 1837] starts Forth Monday [22 May 1882]  by stage to be gone about two months    you must [?] the rest    Mahonri [Mahonri Moriacumr Snow, b. 1847 ] just drove up and I have been over with him to unload the things for the house   the wether [weather] is very changeble [changeable] windy and threatening rain   we are all well   Martha [Martha Ellen Snow, b. 1865] is better   Murry has been quite sick but is better    E B [Erastus Beman Snow, b. 1853] was in today   says Elida [Elida Crosby Snow, b. 1854] is sick with bloody flux   she was taken last night with a chill and has been in bed all day   We had a letter from Flora [Florence Snow Woolley, b. 1856] written the 10th [Wednesday 10 May 1882]   Soby? had not arrived   we have just learned that there was nobody but men at pipe [Pipe Springs ?] and they took her on to Orderville [Orderville, Utah] and she has been there ever since.   Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow, b. 1870] has been in the field nearly all the time since you left    there has been nothing done on the house since you left except some [?]   I have been putting in some seed over on the lot    Sister Adams died Saturday [13 May 1882] and was buried Sunday [14 May 1882]   what a happy release for her    Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins, b. 1854] is here with the children    they are all well and all send love to you 

I will send this letter from Br Smith [Brother Smith] which came last night    with much love
I am as ever
	your loving wife
		E R snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow, b. 1831]