Toquerville March 26th 1882 [Toquerville, Utah Sunday 26 Mar 1882]

Dear wife [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] I have been reflecting about Ashby [Ashby Snow] since I left and it seems to me, he should be kept at school or at some usefull [useful] assignment. I wish you would call in Bro. Robert or Judd and Earnest Hardy and talk with them and see if there is any shum [?] for Ashby [Ashby Snow] to learn Telegraph in St. George [St. George, Utah] and if so let him begin at once and if not, he had better come up with the team on Tuesday [28 Mar 1882] and go with me to Provo School [Provo, Utah – BYU ?] where possibly he may learn Telegraphy and if not, he will be able to learn other things that will be valuable. You might again get Josephine [Josephine Snow] to ask Bro Eyring if he can use him. I once named it to him, but he has not yet signified any wish for him. We left Lucy & Susie at Richards When the teams come for your [?] let them bring an oil back to pack the 3 Marble tops in and that old packing. Let them also bring my grey overcoat or a four [?] blankets for the strong wind yesterday reminded us that winter still belongs in the north and we need something to wrapp [wrap] up in. With love to all I am E. Snow [Erastus Snow]