Salt Lake City, March 6th 1882 [Salt Lake City, Utah Monday 6 Mar 1882]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow], I was very thankful for your letter of the 19th ?ult [ultimate – Sunday 19 Feb 1882] which reached me soon after returning from Provo two weeks ago [Monday 20 Feb 1882], but you may think it not a good way of showing gratitude by so long a delay in answering. However I am sure you will not chide me much after I tell you I have from two to six letters daily to read and answer in addition to all my Legislative and church duties. Last Saturday night [4 Mar 1882] I again took a run up to Provo [Provo, Utah] with Bro. Lymans to visit the children and attend Provo conference [Provo, Utah]. We returned this (Monday) morning [6 Mar 1882]. It snowed and Blowed all day yesterday in Provo [Provo, Utah] and here also. The children were about as usual only Georgianna [Georgiana Snow] is troubled much as you are with constipation. I told her to get corn meal and graham flour and try the sour apples as you do. She thinks she shall try for a birth [berth] dressmaking after April Conference [Apr 1882] here in the city. As we came up on the train I saw John Snow who told me Melissa [Melissa Snow] was quite well again and gone to her own home but Greenwood was still a poor stick. She has four children. We are all well here and hope to be able to start home a week from today [Monday 13 Mar 1882] and be home to conference. God bless you all and preserve you from every evil. Yours affectionately, E.Snow [Erastus Snow]

I write on this side a few words for Bro. E. D. Woolley [Edwin Dilworth Woolley] if he be not already started for Arizona. I also enclose herewith a letter just received from D. Segmiller [Daniel Seegmiller ?] from Brigham City [Brigham City, Utah] less than a week old, from which you will see that he is yet hopeful of a good outcome to John W’s [John Williams] affairs, but money still lingering and I am afraid that Dee will find if he goes out there, he will be doomed to many delays and vexations if he & Dan [Daniel Seegmiller] relies on John [John Williams].

As to the Factory at Moancappy [?] - John abandoned it because could not make a living of it when he had opperations [operations] there with him and I don’t know what Dee & Dan [Daniel Seegmiller] might do with it if they owned it all but I doubt if one of them could make as good a living out of it as they do in St. George [St. George, Utah]. The place is however healthy and mild climate and rather nice place for a small settlement and Indian Trading Post. I wrote to Dan [Daniel Seegmiller] that perhaps when I got home, Dee & I might buy Upper Ronah Ranch [?] if Lindleys had not taken it. If however Dee goes to Arrizona [Arizona], he should go prepared to return again in the fall if desireable [desirable] and not burden himself with too much family. If Lindleys have not taken the Ronah Ranch. Telegraph me on Friday [24 Mar 1882] or Saturday [25 Mar 1882] if you deem it yet desireable [desirable] to arrange for money to buy it in case we should need it. I saw Dees brother here from Parris [Paris, Idaho ?] a few days ago. His kindred here about as usual I believe. Kind love to Flora [Florence] and all the others of the family Kiss the babies for me As ever your devoted friend, Erastus Snow