Council Chamber Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah]

Jan 12th / 82 [Thursday 12 Jan 1882]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]. I could not stay at Provo [Provo, Utah] for want of time to lay [?] our best [?] the Girls and George Albert [George Albert Snow] responded to my Telegram and met us at the Depot. Martha looked well as did George Albert [George Albert Snow] but Georgianna [Georgiana Snow] did not look rosy and healthfull [healthful] as I could wish. They seamed [seemed] to feel well, but said the School [BYU ?] was to [too] full and therefore not as satisfactory as last year. I left them some money and promised to come and see them soon. If not next Sunday [15 Jan 1882] will perhaps following week. Last night [Wednesday 11 Jan 1882] George Stringham called to see me and inquire after the folks & his children. Seamed [seemed] to feel and speak well desired to see the children and spoke as though he would be glad at Natties help. Mary and rest of family well Georgiana [Georgiana Snow] lives with Louisa and Effer [?] with Mrs. Snider. I dined with Heber & Lucy at Rachels yesterday [Wednesday 11 Jan 1882]. Lucy & Susie Jacobs expect soon to start for St. George [St. George, Utah] calling at Holden [Holden, Utah] a few days. Heber said he would write for Tony [Anthony Woodward Ivins] to send for them to Milford [Milford, Utah] and notify him when to meet them there. If he can at the same time take down the little 12 year old girl (Sister to E. B.s [Erastus Beman Snow] girl) which Frank & Lucy want I would like him [Anthony Woodward Ivins] or Frank [Franklin Richards Snow] to Telegraph me so I can have time to send her from Ogden to Milford by Rail.

Our folks generally well here. My ankle is still lame and weak but the Swelling and discoloration is abating. Have obtained the loan of a horse and Buggy to haul me round. Weather is wintry, turned cold and considerable snow and sleighs running.

Just got letter from Artie D. Young [Arta d'Crista Young] says Susie [Susan Snow Young] and children & himself feeling fine and doing well and he feels as though he had escaped the Temptations of his old accociates [associates] in the city and means to live a new life and try to live his religion and magnify his calling. How is your health and children? Write often as you can and God bless you all. Effectionately [affectionately] yours as ever Erastus Snow

Paid for your lamps yesterday. Have they arrived safely? E.S. [Erastus Snow]