San Antonio Col March 14th 1881 [San Antonio, Colorado Monday 14 Mar 1881]

Dear Elisabeth Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow] I returned by Rail from Arrizona [Arizona] last Saturday night 12th inst [instant 12 Mar 1881] and Bro. M. L Hammond who returned with me and was obliged to take train from here next morning to end of Track on San Juan Branch where his men are laying track and I agreed to return here from Manassa [Manassa, Colorado] and meet him this afternoon and both proceed homeward by way of Denver [Denver, Colorado]. On my arrival here as agreed I got a Telegram from Hammond that Trains were snow bound so he could not meet me and other [another] from John W [John Williams] at Alburquerque [Albuquerque, New Mexico] that can’t come as he agreed, so I seat myself to write you a few lines in reply to your welcome letter of 17th Feb [Thursday 17 Feb 1881] which was waiting for me at Manassa [Manassa, Colorado] as also one from Birtie [Herbert Hammond Snow] and many others which I may not find time to answer till I reach home. I was absent from here Just five weeks and traveled five hundred and seventy miles by horses and five hundred and ninety by Rail way and camed [?] out about have [half] the time and was visiting our settlements on Little Colorado [River] and its tributaries the Ballance [balance] of the time. Had a pleasant time holding meetings with them but somewhat rough and tedious moving out and visiting railroad camps during cold weather. B. Young [Brigham Young Jr.] & Son started from Holbrook [Holbrook, Arizona] on Little Colorado [River] for Kanab [Kanab, Utah] and home with carriage same day (March 22) as Bro. Smith, Allen [John Allen] and others started with me East for New Mexico & Colorado. I had thought of going home with Bro. Brigham [Brigham Young Jr.] , but as John W. [John Williams] had not arrived from the east it became necessary for me to return to see him as well as to see Bro. Hammond and officers of the Denver & Rio Grand Ry [Railroad]. Were it not for seeing the latter at Colorado Springs [Colorado Springs, Colorado] and Denver [Denver, Colorado] in company with Bro. Hammond, I should be one for home tonight. As it is I may not reach Salt Lake Salt Lake City, Utah] for a week or ten days. I will announce my arrival there by Telegraph and if possible take a running visit home before April Conference [April 1881], but of this I cannot speak deffinately [definitely] as it will depend upon the time we may be detained at Denver [Denver, Colorado] and whether we conclude to take another contract which they are desirous of letting to us. Tell Birtie [Herbert Hammond Snow] I will answer his questions when I get home, meantime I hope some one [someone] will take pains to teach him how to write a good hand. His mind is active and he tells many things in his letter, some of which are a little difficult to read, but no more so than some others of my correspondents. He wants to know if he can go with me to Arrizona [Arizona] next summer. That will depend a little upon what you say about traveling with me, say from end of April [Apr 1881] till [until] into September [Sep 1881], in that event you might take a couple of the children. I hope Dee and others will be ready to start by the 10th of April [Sunday 10 Apr 1881] to Join Willard [Willard Snow] and go exploring by Castle valley [Castle Valley, Utah] and meet us on San Juan [San Juan River] about 10th May [Tuesday 10 May 1881]. Yours in love Erastus Snow