Round Vally Apache Co. A. T. [Round Valley, Apache County, Arizona Territory]

Sept 23rd 1880 [Thursday 23 Sep 1880]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

Bro Jessee N. Smith [Jesse N. Smith] brought me at St. John [St. John, Arizona] last Sunday [19 Sep 1880] from Snowflake [Snowflake, Arizona] your welcome letter and also one from Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow]. Was glad to learn of your general good health and that Martha [Martha Ellen Snow] had recovered & Birtie [Herbert Hammond Snow] and Arther [Arthur Eugene Snow] able to ride the colt to go to the field. Sorry to learn of the death of Mary Birch’s [Mary Birch] daughter. And the sickness of Bro John O. Angus. My own health is quite good only I am so much on the move & over rough roads, that I do not have rest as much as I need. We have just returned from Bush valley [Bush Valley, Arizona] on the head waters of the [Giles River ?] and today we start for Snowflake [Snowflake, Arizona] conference and thence for home by way of Sunset [Sunset, Arizona] and Kanab [Kanab, Utah]. Don’t look for us before the 10th Oct [Sunday 10 Oct 1880]. Ashby [Ashby Snow] is enjoying the trip hugely. Is getting fat and hearty. He said last night for the first time he wanted to get home He found some grapes. We came from San Juan [San Juan, Colorado] through Southwestern Colorado and into New Mexico following up the San Juan [San Juan River] to the Military road leading South to Fort Wingate 110 miles through the Navajo reservation. Saws lots of Indians with the flocks and cornfields all friendly & showed us the watring [watering] places etc. From Wingate [Fort Wingate, Arizona] we went 20 miles East to John Wm [John Williams ?] railroad camp to visit our brethren grading at that place which was 3 miles East of the Continental divide. We returned via Zuma [Zuma, Arizona ?] & visited those Indians at their head village and reached the Little Colorado [Little Colorado River] below St. John [St. John, Arizona] among our brethren last Thursday [16 Sep 1880] This morning John W. [John W ?], starts back to his Railroad Camp and Brigham [Brigham Young Jr.] & myself [Erastus Snow] are about concluding to return some some [same ?] way after the Snowflake [Snowflake, Arizona] conference and John [John W ?] says he will procure a pass over the Rail road to Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] for us so We can reach the October [Oct 1880] conference before its close. If so Ashby [Ashby Snow] & my team will go home with Elders Lyman Davie [?] & Co. With love to all I am yours forever. E. Snow ]Erastus Snow]