St. George Sept 1, 1880 [St. George, Utah Wednesday 1 Sep 1880]

My Kind and affectionate Husband,

I have been busy sewing all day and have just thrown my work aside while I write a few lines to you we have had a long hot summer but it is now growing a little cooler the last few days and the nights are quite cold and we begin to feel revived my health has not been very good but I have a good girl to do my [bary washing I have act itesy ?] very well Martha [Martha Ellen Snow] was sick about three weeks but is better now I think she had the chills as she had a high fever every afternoon the rest of the children are well except libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] she has a gathering on her thumb that is very painfull [painful] I recieved [received] a card from Georgiana [Georgiana Snow] yesterday she had just arrived at Provo [Provo, Utah] ready to commense [commence] school [at BYU ?] she mentioned having received a letter from you and that you were suffering from Rhumatism [rheumatism] I am afraid the trip is too hard for you. I hope Ashby [Ashby Snow] will be some help to you I was very glad you took him with you I think the trip will do him good I received a letter from him and was glad to learn that he was enjoying himself so well. He must take this as an answer I should like to see them I expect he has grown some since he left home. I have not learned wether [whether] you received the things I sent by Br. Segmiller [Seegmiller] he has not yet returned. I only sent one pair of drawers the others was locked up in Minervas [Minerva White Snow] house and I could not get them.

Br. Shoppmans returned about one week ago and will commense [commence] school next Monday [6 Sep 1880]. Lately we have had but very little company since you left I often wish something would happen to make things a little more lively and give us a chanse [chance] to earn [?] something

there has been some sickness here and a few deaths among children Br. Beatty and Eyring have both had the Chills but are getting better Br. John Angus is very sick and not expected to recover Br Birch brought his little Daughter Dora [Dora Birch] over here for burial a short time ago the mother could not come on acount [account] of the sickness of another child Maggie [Maggie May Snow] has just sent for Br. Shoppmann James [James Snow] had fallen off the porch and has either sprained or broken his arm he has not yet returned tell Ashby [Ashby Snow] G Albert [George Albert Snow] turned the colt out after he left and a few days ago it came back I went to the door yesterday and there was Bertie [Herbert Hammond Snow] with the saddle on him having a ride he and Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] go to the field a good deal to help the boys Arthur [Arthur Eugene Snow] is going down tomarrow [tomorrow] and stay all night

that the Lord may preserve you and return you to us again is the prayer of effectionate [affectionate] wife

Elizabeth R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

Br. S [Shoppmans] has just come in and says James [James Snow] arm is broken below the elbow both bones are broken

We have had quite an addition to our family I went out the other morning and found eight young pigs in the sty they are growing finily [finely]

I was up to Artimesias [Artimesia Beman Snow] yesterday they are all well