Cottonwood Creek 60 miles East of Sanpete and sixty West of Green River [Cottonwood Creek, Utah] Aug 24th 1880 [Tuesday 24 Aug 1880]

Mrs. Elisabeth R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] St. George [St. George, Utah]

Dear wife. We held a few meeting at Castledale [Castle Dale, Utah] 7 miles up this creek last Saturday and Sunday [21 and 22 Aug 1880]. There are several settlements in this region. It is a semi Dixy [Dixie] country. Yesterday (Monday) [23 Aug 1880] Prest Dame [President Dame] arrived with my things you sent me and with him a boy and Jos. Huston [Joseph Huston] with baggage wagon so we are now all together & soon set sail for San Juan [San Juan, Utah] across Green and Grand Rivers, then south to Silas Smiths camp and on to New Mexico via Fort Wingate to Louai [?] and the Little Colorado and home by Lees Ferry & Kanab where we expect to arrive about the last of September [Thursday 30 Sep 1880]. We are all quite well and have a good outfit of provisions, feed and comforts for ourselves & teams. Have 4 men & 3 boys 6 spans of animals 1 Wagon & 3 Carriages. Ashby [Ashby Snow] enjoying himself well with B. Youngs [Brigham Young Jr.] boy about his age.

Please write me at Sunset, Apache County Arizona [Sunset, Apache, Arizona] & give all the news. The mail carrier is waiting to start for Salina [Salina, Utah] & I must close. Shall write again when opportunity offers. Love to yourself & children and all family & friends. Ashby [Ashby Snow] says he is not a bit homesick.

Yours effectiontionately [affectionately]

Erastus Snow