[On envelope] Artimesia Snow [Artimesia Beman Snow]

May 16, 1880 [Sunday 16 May 1880]

Mr. Erastus Snow

Richfield, Sever Co.

Utah [Richfield, Sevier County, Utah]


St. George, May 16, 1880 [St. George, Utah Sunday 16 May 1880]

My Dear Companion

Sunday four P.M. [Sunday 16 May 1880 4 PM] Have just returned from meeting. Br. Birch occupied the afternoon, gave us a good preach, is on his way south to hunt a location I think, I received your letter written on the 10 of May [Monday 10 May 1880]. (Monday morning May 17 [Monday 17 May 1880]. I hurried home from meeting yesterday [Sunday 16 May 1880] to write this letter and put it in the Office ready for this mornings mail, but when I had got these few lines written Ethan and Magan, Willard [Willard Snow] and Zera [Zerubbabel Snow], [Tod ?] and [?] and their children came and stayed till 8 o’clock [8 PM] and then it was so late and I was so tired I could not write.) On the day of your departure from the City [Salt Lake City, Utah], hope you are having a pleasant time on your homeward trip, and hope ere this your cold and cough has inteerine [?] till you the weather is so changable [changeable] here it is almost impossible to get wholey [wholly] free from a cold, one night it will be so warm, we have to leave open the outside door to get fresh air, on the 12 and 13 of last week [[Wednesday 12 May 1880 and 13 May 1880] it was cold enough to have a fire, and should have done had not the stove been moved out and the grate shut up, as it was I sat with a shawl over my shoulders. I do not think I ever saw so much windy weather since I have lived in this country. Am glad to hear the sight of Mahonris [Mahonri Moriancumr Snow] eyes are improving, hope he will not get in to [too] big a rush to get home and be under the necessity of returning again to have them further treated, I expect it is an awful Time to him not being able to work or read nothing to employ his mind or time much, it seems long but he must be patient. The family are all well as far as I know. Willards [Willard Snow] baby is quite well again, Frankies [Franklin Richards Snow] well with the exception of a sore head, it is one called [seak marle diuse ?] to its eyes, which makes him fretful and worrisome Elizabeths [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby (Snow) 1831-1915] family well, all went down to the field yesterday I was going down to water at the same time I received your letter received one from Moroni [Moroni Snow] in which he says his new field of labor is more agreeable and comfortable; the saints are not so widely scattered and more of them does not have quite so much walking to do, and his feet as a general thing is [are] better and more substantial, his cold and cough has not entirely left him says Pres Budge [President Budge] told him a day or two before if he got anymore to let him know he did not wish him to stay to the detriment of his health, while he was in London Pres Taylor [President John Taylor] wrote to Pres Budge [President Budge] that another winter in that climate would prove disasterous [disastrous] to him, he is not much in favor of going to Germany unless he can have a new [lease] of his life, prospects are good for several additions to the church, E.B. [Erastus Beman Snow] seems to be doing well, and I should think creating some this when they begin to fire rocks at him, still suffers some with a cold in his head, Wallace [?] is stopping with me a few days, Minerva Sister Ivins and Lizzy Calkins has gone up the river. Bishop Smith came down after them, there is feeling in ward there is a certain widow in the company he is very anxious should come up and see his family. Doubtless you have seen through the papers of the murder that has been committed between Rockville and Springdale she was the wife of old Gr. Parker. Orson [Orson Pratt Snow] is still in school, but does not seem well has the nose bleed very frequent of late is getting quite thin in flesh appetite not very good, George Albert [George Albert Snow] still in the Office, As for the Gennessee [?] country we can talk that matter over when you come home; Praying God to bless and preserve you to return home in safety. I remain your affectionate wife.

Artimesia Snow