St George Feb 13th 1880 [St. George, Utah Friday 13 Feb 1880]

My Dear Husband [Erastus Snow] I received your letter a few days ago and was glad to learn that your health was improveing [improving] for I have felt very uneasy about you knowing how poorly you were when you left home and how severe the weather must be in the north [Salt Lake City, Utah] and I am pleased to learn that you have a buggy and are not obliged to [travel] around on foot. We have had a very severe winter for dixie [Dixie – St. George, Utah] and it is still quite cold there has been a great deal of sickness among children it seems to be pneumonia but has not proved fatal only in the case of libbys [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins] babe he seemed to have a bad cold and was very restless all of thursday night [Thursday 5 Feb 1880] and nothing seemed to do him any good he died saturday evening [Saturday 8 Feb 1880] six oclock [6 o'clock - 6:00 PM] there [their] house being so small we had the funerel [funeral] at our house on sunday [Sunday 8 Feb 1880] at four oclock libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins] tries to feel as reconciled as posible [possible] she is staying with me we have been talking of making a short visit north [to Salt Lake City, Utah] when you go to conference [General Conference, April 1880] I think it will be a help to her I cannot consent to her going home and staying alone through the day even if tony [Anthony Woodward Ivins] is at home nights Flora [Florence Snow Woolley] has been quite sick she had a miscarriage she is not very strong yet and the babe has been very sick but is now improving so you will see that I have been kept pretty busy with running back and forth and so much to do at home [The following is crossed out] the sick children are all improving I have been to [end of crossed out] the sick children are all getting better we received a card from Richards folks yesterday [Thursday 12 Feb 1880] he can just hobble around a little he cannot use his arm and his shoulder is still very painfull [painful] but the wounds about his head and face have healed up. I have been to visit the school today they have a very good school and the children seem very much interested there is [are] between three and four hundred scholars [300 and 400] in the evening Georgiana [Georgiana Snow] attends the evening school Br Shoppmairn wishes me to tell you that they are trying to work to your plan as much as possible he had Br MacAlaster [McAllister] and the trustees all together and things seem to be working to his satisfaction.

I enclose a letter that I recieved [received] from Harriet I should have sent it before it seems to me pretty hard to send a woman out to get her liveing [living] with four little children after taking everything away from them remember me to Susan and all her family together with all our friends ever praying the Lord to bless and preserve you.

I remain as ever your loveing [loving] wife

Elizabeth R. Snow [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]