Social Gathering

Elder Erastus Snow

Yourself and Ladies are cordially invited to attend a Select Social Party, to be given in the Fourteenth Ward Assembly Rooms [Salt Lake City, Utah], on Thursday Evening, February 5th, 1880 [Thursday 5 Feb 1880], commencing at 7:30 p.m. for the Benefit of those who Attend.

Programs: No Round Dancing.

Committee: The Mutual Improvement Association. Clive's Band in attendance.

Floor Managers: Joseph Horne and Henry P. Richards

Tickets Seventy-five Cents - Note Complimentary

[Written on the bottom of the invitation]

Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah] Feb 6th/80 [Friday 6 Feb 1880]

Dear Elisabeth The enclosed Ticket shows an old fashioned Party at which the Twelve [Quorum of the Twelve], nearly all the members & officers of the Legislature, and other leading men of this city [Salt Lake City, Utah], with wives Sons and daughters, were in attendance. Cotillions and old set dances were only indulged in and excellent vocal as well as instrumental music and short recitations. Your sister Susan [Susan Ashby Young] accompanied Anne [Anna Beckstrom ?] and myself and enjoyed it much. We wished you there to participate, that is I did more especially. We left at 11 oclock [o'clock] to take Susan [Susan Ashby Young] home as she only left her little boys to keep house. Party closed at 12 [midnight]. after a short pointed speech from Prest Taylor [President John Taylor] on the proper management of our social gatherings, and recommending the mingling of old and young and making them as formerly the occasions of social reunions for interchange of courtesies and commingling of fraternal feeling. The presence of the elder persons giving dignity and tone to the more gushing spirits of the inexperienced youth and restraining turbulence and ensureing [insuring] quiet and order.

The Weather here is still quite cold though beginning to moderate. But little snow Streets yet froze [frozen] & smoth [smooth] My health considerably improved from what it was, though lumbago is still troubling a little and my other weaknesses not altogether left me. I am taking an Indian root which together with the blessing & prayers of my Quorum [Quorum of the Twelve Apostles] is giving relief. Another thing that is helping me to get along with duties without so much fatigue & pain is I have a horse and nice light Buggy to ride in instead of stalking out this big town and up and down the old Arsenal Hill on foot. While attending the Ogden conference [Ogden, Utah] I met opportunity of purchasing a second hand Buggy & harness (nearly new) for $100.00 cash and thought my per Diem could not be better spent. Bishop Sheets has kindly furnished me a horse and a border Bro Bagley tends it for me. I propose to leave it here ready for use whenever I am here. Susans [Susan Ashby Young] Birthday Picnic went of [off] nicely. Her health is very good. E.S. [Erastus Snow]

[In the margin]

We look for Brad Segmiller and H. O Spencer in tonight. Trial probably commence Monday 9th [9 Feb 1880]. George Stringham to be tried. Tomorrow for Grand Larceny.