Provo City Jan 15th 1880 [Provo, Utah Thursday 15 Jan 1880]

Dear Uncle Erastus [Erastus Snow]

I have been thinking for some time of writing to you and asking your council [counsel] for Uncle Erastus [Erastus Snow] I have no Father to ask council [counsel] of and I wanted to talk to you the last time you came to Richfield [Richfield, Utah] but I did not see an opertunity [opportunity].

You know I have a hard lot in this world living with the man that I have called Husband and I have been draged [dragged] about the world and been disgraced by him untill [until] I could stand it no longer about too [two 2] months ago I came up here and started for myself and trying to make a living for my family for you know I have four little children to support now with my own hands I left Richfield [Richfield, Utah] and every thing was taken from me for his debpts [debts] and I had hardly enough to bring me from the terminus here to Mother but I was thankful to get here among friends but we are in poverty I am staying with Mother at present for I have no coock [cook] stove nor any thing to help my self with and if you will talk to Uncle Nat [Nathaniel] and Uncle Richard and tell them what sarcumstances [circumstances] I am in I would be very glad for I hear they are in good surcumstances [circumstances] and if they would help me a little I shall be very gratfull [grateful] Father has helped them and done a great deal for them in the years gone by but I don’t know how they will feel about helping me If I could get me a coock [cook] stove and a sewing machine I should feel better and could better get my living.

Uncle Erastus [Erastus Snow] my desire is to do right and deal justly and Honestly with everyone and I have prayed earnestly to my Heavenly father to lead me in the paths of rightousness [righteousness] and direct me in evry [every] step that I have taken and I want to rais [raise] my children to do right so they will grow up to be a comfort to me and I will just as [?]

Do remember me in your prayers for I feel like you are a friend to me.

I have taken no steps towards getting a divorce and if you will give me any council [counsel] in that line it will be acceptable.

Uncle Erastus [Erastus Snow]. There is some property coming to me Briant Stringan [Bryant Stringham] has it in his hands but he will not let me have it on account of My Husband owing him I have not seen him to talk with him but I have written to him and I can not get it.

I should like to see you and talk with you for I cannot write as well as I can talk but if you will see my Uncles that is [are] in that country and talk to them ask them if they will donate some thing [something] for me I shall be very gratfull [grateful] to you for I am realy [really] in distress

Praying God may bless you and yours

I am your Niece

Haddie Mowlin

Dear Sister [Elizabeth Asbhy Ivins]

I thought we had better direct this letter to you for fear Uncle Erastus [Erastus Snow] would not be at home. You see by Hadies [Haddie Mowlin] letter that she is in distress she speaks of a little property coming to her, but Liby [Elizabeth Ashby Ivins] it is not worth mentioning. It is so little our estate is gon [gone] to waist [waste] and we have been swindled by every one that has have [sic] had a chance to [?] My house rents for $10 ten dollars a month and it is old I have to depend on this winter, if I had of known that Hudy was coming here I could of [have] rented a place in the fall to of [have] kept boarders but now there is not a house in Provo to rent, I must go to the Shugar house ward [Sugar House Ward] the first of April [Thursday 1 Apr 1880] and Hady [Haddie] thinks she can get along here and get more work here than any other place if she can get a little means to keep house tell Uncle Erastus [Erastus Snow] to do as he thinks best and if he comes this way this spring to be shure [sure] and call and see us love to all write some from your

Sister Hariet Stringam [Harriet Stringham]