Cove Creek Jan 9th 1880 [Cove Creek, Utah – Cove Fort, Utah ? Friday 9 Jan 1880]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

I anounced [announced] by Telegraph from Beaver [Beaver, Utah] yesterday that I had met Schappman who expected to reach St. George Sunday [St. George, Utah Sunday 11 Jan 1880]. I have given him a fair representation both to the Sisters [?] and yourself and Perhaps my so doing may have a tendency to throw you and others too much off their guard. Reflecting upon this I enquired [inquired] more minutely of Bish Josh Sylvester [Bishop Joshua Sylvester] who I passed on the way, Wednesday [7 Jan 1880] and he mentioned an item of his intercourse with him at Palsemore [?], which would indicate that he is not altogether proof against temptation and I have thought Perhaps I ought to say to you privately that while you should be kind and courteous, making him feel at home, yet prudence and care should be observed so as not to open a door to [too] wide for undue intimacy. I would also suggest that while he should be be [sic] invited to keep his face [?] in front room and have access to office with his Bedroom adjoining yet I would I would as one intimation of seclusion and fairness for himself as well, Lock the East room door leading to the Hall and leave him a back way out through the wire [?] room. We are all getting along well. Met here a hack sent to meet us from Bro Ira Hinckley of Fillmore [Fillmore, Utah] and we go on today to Kanosh [Kanosh, Utah] and will mail this. Perhaps at Juab [Juab, Utah]. Expect to leave Julia [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow] at Holden [Holden, Utah] & hope to reach city [Salt Lake City, Utah] on Sunday [11 Jan 1880]. I wish you could get Bro Clisade [?] to bring up my Trunk of Books in Minervas [Minerva White Snow] cellar and gather my other Books & get Willard [Willard Snow] or E. W. [Erastus White Snow] to help sort and put them up in the New [?] Book cupboard. With love to all I am effectionately [affectionately] yours etc. E. Snow [Erastus Snow]