Nephi Sept 22d/79 [Nephi, Utah Monday 22 Sep 1879]

Dear Elisabeth [Elizabeth Rebecca Ashby Snow]

Only two or three days after my Dunning Card was sent your letter due me arrived and was I assure a sweet misive [missive] and relieved my anxiety about yourself and the children. Same mail brought me one also from Artimesia [Artimesia Beman Snow]. I was a little disappointed however same night, to get S. L. Adam's Telegram in response to mine to his & yourself to the effect that he could not bring you and that you were not inclined to come if he could. I had already called at Rachel Grants & Dined that day with her and sisters Ivins, Susan Grant & Susan Stringham; unto whom I presented your greetings and expressed at the same time a hope that you would respond to my Telegram and meet me at Richfield [Richfield, Utah], visit your friends on the way and in the City [Salt Lake City, Utah] etc etc. Such is life. "How many a slip between the cup and the lip." Well I must console myself with the reflection that it is all right. and seeing you are not going to meet me I shall not go further than Manti [Manti, Utah]. Hope there or elsewhere in Sanpete [Sanpete County, Utah] to see Bro A. W. Ivins [Anthony W. Ivins]. Minerva & I left Salt Lake City [Salt Lake City, Utah] yesterday (Sunday) morning [Sunday 21 Sep 1879] for U.S.R.R. [United States Rail Road] attended two meetings at Lehi [Lehi, Utah] with A. O. Smoot [Abraham O. Smoot] & others and one at 7 P.M. at American Fork where Bishop Harrington and his first wife treated us very courteous & kind. We also had a short but good visit with Roxany Snow and her children John & Melissa. The former a fine young man and the latter a sweet but subdued little woman tied to a husband who though at present is with her, does no honor or credit to her or himself. At least he is no nearer than formerly a man. They that is Roxany and her children are proposing to exchange their St. George [St. George, Utah] house and lot for one in American Fork [American Fork, Utah] beloning to Forbes the School teacher who talks of coming to St. George [St. George, Utah]. I talked with him and he is waiting an answer from our Trustees. The Bishop & others speak of him as an excellent teacher. Today I called and had an hour & a half visit with Harriet at Provo. found her & family well. She explained how she had out generalled [out-generaled] Medias Lothario from Bingham Canion [Bingham Canyon, Utah] sent her to her old lover at Holden [Holden, Utah] & threw Fitzgerald off the Track and she hopes young Johnson will soon either take her to St. George Temple or to Salt Lake Endowment House. Harriet says she don't believe that Mary when the fence comes, will part with her Twins. I presume it will take your presence and influence to accomplish it. Doctor Dunford has opened an office on Main Street. Kate is stopping with Mrs Snyder in the City [Salt Lake City, Utah]. I expect to return to Salt Lake [Salt Lake City, Utah] by the 30th [Tuesday 30 Sep 1879] and hope to start home [St. George, Utah] by the 12th October [Sunday 12 Oct 1879]. I am so thankfull [thankful] that all is so well with you and your children. God bless you all.

Erastus Snow

[In the margin]

Tell Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] not to marry. Tony's [Anthony W. Ivins] not yet called but proposed for New Mexico by W. Woodruff [Wilford Woodruff] who was lately there.