Salt Lake Aug 12th/79 [Salt Lake City, Utah Tuesday 12 Aug 1879]

A.W. Ivins Esq [Anthony Woodward Ivins] St. George [St. George, Utah]

Dear Son Your second letter came quickly on the heels of the first and I will thank you for both and proceed first to say that if Miles [Miles Park Romney 1843-1904] trade falls through so you need my Mules you can take them as proposed (and if Miles [Miles Park Romney 1843-1904] can pay for a House and lot you can trade him my McAllister place for Twenty seven hundred Dollars [$2700] 1/3 each in Canaan & Factory Stock and Tithing pay including lumber at tithing rates or the Jones lot (Old Oakley place) for seventeen hundred [$1700] or Julias [Julia Josephine Spencer Snow 1837-1909] place for eighteen hundred [$1800] payable in like pay and proportions. will not be very particular as to exact proportion. Will take one half that amount in cash for either or any part of it in cash at 100 per cent from. We are all well and Erastus B. [Erastus Beman Snow] felt well when he sailed on the 5th inst. [instant – Tuesday 55 May 1879] My earnest love. Blessing upon your dear Libby [Elizabeth Ashby Snow Ivins 1854-1936] & all my dear family ever praying God to be with you all I remain E. Snow [Erastus Snow 1818-1888]

[In the margin]

Roxana also will sell her house and lot for $1000 such pay or $600 cash.

P.S. Your Mother is enjoying herself hugely. She goes again to Black Rock [Black Rock on Great Salt Lake, Utah] Thursday 14 Aug 1879] with Rachel and Bro. Bentley & wife possibly Minerva [Minerva White Snow] and I [Erastus Snow] will go with them. Tell Elisabeth [Elizabeth Ashby Snow] I took her sister Susan [Susan Ashby] and Jonny & Julia up to Bingham [Bingham, Utah] to see Mary last Saturday [9 Aug 1879] & returned Sunday [10 Aug 1879] found her & children somewhat better fixed than when she last saw them. Mary had a much better feeling. has 5 cows and 75 sheep which she and her children keep. George drinks as usual. Nathaniel still in Sanpete [Sanpete, Utah]. Nate [?] here in the city [Salt Lake City, Utah] living with Mrs Snyder but is going to stay with the children while Mary goes to see Nat [?] when I go to Sanpete [Sanpete, Utah]. I proposed for her to let you and Artimesia [Artimesia Snow] have her Twins to raise which she is rather inclined to do. She has poor health from Lord fore and anxiety and nurseing [nursing] an eight months Babe. Nate [?] has broken off with her fellows Fitzgerald and Almedia is getting her head turned and fast spoiling after him. E.S. [Erastus Snow]